So whats your favorite part about being a DUDE?

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Grass isn't just- for cattle!
Barked: Fri Dec 22, '06 5:23pm PST 
My favorite part about being a DUDE is mom doesn't make me wear stupid pink and lacey stuff like my sister pheoe!! (BOL BOL)
Riley-going to Petster.

Maybe Petster- will be nicer to- me
Barked: Sun Dec 24, '06 5:21pm PST 
I don't have to wear little girly dog clothes.
My owner doesn't treat me like a girl,a lot of cool stuff!

Big Man Riley

Grass isn't just- for cattle!
Barked: Mon Dec 25, '06 8:44am PST 
Oh, Oh, and another thing, I get to "mark" every tree and bush as my personal property when I take mom for a walk!! I looooove that part!

[angel] Fred

Bouncy- Beagley- Boy!
Barked: Thu Dec 28, '06 7:36am PST 
Best part about being a dude is I get to mark my spot anywhere I want! (expect in the gets mad then)
Mr. Zuki- DePoops- (RIP)

Until there are- none, adopt one!
Barked: Fri Feb 16, '07 5:13pm PST 
umm...i get to wear a flames collar. and also licking my-you-know-what. Hey! It gets crusty sometimes!red face
Berry Bubba- Gump

Last ofthe- famous- international- playboys
Barked: Thu Mar 1, '07 2:10pm PST 
getting a rocket for no reason and then acting like it's not out there....also I like humping the couch because it doesn't bite me or tell me to stop way to go
Kaiser - My sweet boy- is gone

The Mister
Barked: Thu Mar 1, '07 2:44pm PST 
HA! No frilly stuff although Mom does try! Manly shampoo and not the bubblegum scented rosey stuff my sister bathes in. Ummm.. OH OH!!! I get to go on trips with Grandpa and Duke... around the farm and in the bush... just us men! The girls stay back at the house and braid each others hair or something...

I can tell you the worst thing about being a boy... red face

BOL!!! Oh Berry beat me to it! big laugh

Why do peeps make such a big deal about it? shrug

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♥Dale- Bo♥

Live simply,- Love- generously,Care- deeply
Barked: Sat Mar 3, '07 4:54pm PST 
BOL...I like marking everything as we walk...Mom wonder's how I save it all upwink

Jeff 4 Coco
Barked: Tue May 22, '07 10:00am PST 
I like rolling over when i see girlies!
Most say EW,but i can tell there impressed!
My *ahem* isnt too small considering I'm only one!
Oliver PAWS

<3s tennis- balls, peanut- butter, & Fling
Barked: Sun Jun 3, '07 5:18pm PST 
What I like is well acting tough fur the girls, cause right now I'm the only man in the hood.
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