Rain is Yuckie


Bailey - Starting Over
Barked: Fri Nov 3, '06 7:34pm PST 
Mom just got me 3 months ago and everything has been pretty good so far. BUT she found out that I don't like the rain. Big trouble in Vancouver. This morning she was hurrying around trying to get my lead and the nice little rain coat she bought me. { She actually thought this might help my problem.} and guess what!! I pooped by the door in the family door cause I hate the rain and I had already been out in it to pee. Also I am scared of umbrellas. Any suggestions??????
Chilli- Pepper

She\'s a chilli- pepper
Barked: Mon May 7, '07 2:41pm PST 
Have you tried just letting him sniff the umbrella for a little bit closed and the when he is used to it open it and then let him investigate it and see its not scary. Try giving him treats whenever he come close to it! For the poo in the house if you see him doing it say no poo poo in house, take him out to finish it outside and when he does praise him lots say good poo poo(even some treats might help) Just stay out with him till he does it. It might take awhile but it's worth it lol. Hey it's not raining today, finally huh? laugh out loud

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