First Halloween?


Butt scratches- appreciated.
Barked: Sun Oct 29, '06 10:52pm PST 
How was your very first Halloween?
I was perfectly fine wif it.It aint that,not very many kids trick-or-treat around here.big grin
Scruffy- "HEART"- Butler

Scruff- Puff....ready to- play and run!!!
Barked: Mon Oct 30, '06 10:19am PST 
So you already celebrated Halloween over the weekend huh? Glad it went safe for you and your family. We will celebrate on Tuesday, Oct. 31st as the kids do their Trick Or Treating on the actual date.

I'll wear my costume for a bit but than try to hang in the kitchen as the doorbell will be ringing and ringing. We get a lot of kids in our neighorhood.

Wishing you a Happy Hallloween!

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Scruffy- "HEART"- Butler

Scruff- Puff....ready to- play and run!!!
Barked: Wed Nov 1, '06 2:00pm PST 
Scruffy did great on his first Halloween with us! We took him out around 5:30 PM to show off his costume and ring a few doorbells of the neighbors we know. Scruffy got a few dog treats from the neighbors with dogs. He was so excited and happy! A lot of raves on his costume and now cute and well behaved he was being. I was very proud of him.

Good job Scruffy!

Cona- (1974-1996)

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Barked: Wed Nov 1, '06 5:33pm PST 
No,actually,my Mom got me in about August.So,I celebrated then.My human didn't get me as a puppy,nor does she know my real birfdate.

I stayed asleep in my house this Halloween.I didn't feel like greeting anybody..only one group of kids came,anyway.
(I can't seem to edit my post!Oh well...this is Chance)

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