Pill Pockets


Life can't get- any better than- this!!!!
Barked: Thu Oct 26, '06 9:10am PST 
I just HATE to take medicine, do you? My mom found something called "Pill Pockets" tho and she hides the medicine inside and I gulp it down without realizing it's got the medication inside. My mom wanted to share it with you. Here's a link to the website so your mom's and dad's can read about Pill Pockets. Maybe your parents will get them for you too?

http://www.onlynaturalpet.com/products/Pill-Pockets-Pill-Del ivery-Dog-Treats/169001.aspx

Cinnamon Grrrl

The Little Bad- Wolf
Barked: Tue Nov 7, '06 2:36pm PST 
Those sound interesting. Mommy may try them if a piece of cheese or steak doesn't disguise my sedative enough to fool me. (I freak out so much when we have visitors that I have to be sedated--first pill is tomorrow! Wish me luck!)