Hi from the gang of 5

Angel Brandi- 8/10/99 - 6/12/06

Beautiful Eyes
Barked: Fri Sep 29, '06 7:41pm PST 
Hi All, Since I'm in heaven, I thought I would write this to introduce my family to you. They are a bunch of wild and wonderful people just like your group and mommy has the biggest heart any golden would love. I left this wonderful family because I had Lymphoma cancer but hung around for 9 more months because mommy & daddy did everything they could to keep me around. I didn't want to go so soon but it was time. Mommy got so depressed and was in bed for over a month and I had to put a stop to it. I knew she had so much love for dogs that these two goldens were at the pound and needed my mommies love. So I visited mommy and told her to get out of bed and rescue these two and she heard me and went and adopted this brother and sister. How wonderful of mommy to name the boy after my daddy Rootbeer. they call him Rootie for short. How wonderful it was to call the girl Mandi cause it sounds kind of like Brandi and plus it means "Worthy of Love". But these two have been such a handful for mommy and I watch from above and feel sorry for mommy. But I know she will whether it through. I have 2 sisters I left behind and miss too, Ally and Ginger. Ginger is really my Aunt because my daddy is her brother. Ally, mommy took off the hands of some bad breeder. I'm sure we all will like it here and can read our stories and also read about how I went to my mommy after leaving this place called earth.
Nice to meet you all and please be nice to my family. I love and miss them so much. they are great
Angel Brandi

Life is MEANT to- be lived
Barked: Tue Oct 3, '06 6:17pm PST 
Hi Brandi Angel-we lost another friend to that awful cancer on Sunday-Stella by Starlight. It's so awful for the families but it's nice to know there are 2 new Golden Angels up in heaven watching out for us. Your mommy is a very special person and she misses you sooooo much. Run free of pain sweet girl-we'll meet someday.

Balls, Balls,- Water, Water,- Water...
Barked: Wed Nov 15, '06 8:11am PST 
Always thinking about Angel Brandi and Stella by Starlight...

I'm so happy that you have each other to play with and snuggle with...
I miss you both...

Rainbow kisses to you,