What are your 'colors'?


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Barked: Sun Sep 24, '06 10:54am PST 
As you know, Parti Girls come in all colors. I'm particularly marked with dark gray, not black, and white. I have a pencil-line white blaze and most of my dark gray is in the front. What are your 'colors?

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Barked: Sun Sep 24, '06 12:48pm PST 
I am brown in the front (similar to your colouring!) and white all over, with brown chocolate swirls throughout my back and my bum! Every time someone sees me, they always see "Wow! I've never seen a pom with your colours before!" I have a parti brother but we went our separate ways when we were babies. He was a black and white parti, but he just had a black eye patch and a black smudge on his back, and white everywhere else! He looked like a pirate.

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Barked: Sun Sep 24, '06 9:39pm PST 
I am black and white. 50-50 all the way.
My face is all black with some white around my nose.
My back is balck with a little white smuge, and white around my whole neck.
My tummy is all white and so are all my legs.
My tail is black at the bottom and white on the top.

I also get the "Ive never seen a Pom those colors before. Are you sure is a full breed?"
Well of course I am.
And I thought black and white Poms were more popular.


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Barked: Thu Oct 5, '06 9:14pm PST 
I am mostly brown and white but some of my brown is black. My mom is white and my dad is brown and black and white. My face is white on one side and brown/black on the other, so I look like a Star Trek actor.