International Dapple Day!!!Come join the fun!


Veni, Vidi,- Fetchedi!
Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 6:29pm PST 
Hello to all Dappled Doggies and Friends!!! How about an "International Dapple Day"? We need you guys to give us your suggestions! Here are some questions... (answer as many as you wish! or add any other suggestions!)
1. When should we hold International Dapple Day?
2. What would the "Dapple Flag" look like?
3. What is the "Dapple Hymn"? (in another post I suggested one that you sing to the tune of "Hair")
4. What kind of food and drinks would be serve at the "International Dapple Party"?
5. Do we have a motto? a logo? a parade?
6. etc, etc, etc (your turn! as Bailey said, let's all be silly and come up with fun stuff!)