Survey #1: More Beagle or Doxie?

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So cute
Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 10:37pm PST 
To determine an average on whether doxagles look more beagle or dachshund, here are a few questions:

a) Are you Male or Female?

b) Do you look more Beagle or Doxie (try to pick one)?

c) If you have traits of both, define them as best you can. (For example: Fargo has long legs like a beagle, face of a beagle, but tail, size of head and length of body of a dachshund).

d) Which of your biological parents were the beagle and the dachshund? (Be sure to include if they were a mini. if you don't know, state "don't know") - example: Fargo's mom was a Beagle and dad was a Mini-Dacshund

I love bones!
Barked: Tue Aug 29, '06 10:18am PST 
a) I'm female.
b) I think I'm probably more beagle than dachsund.
c) I've got long legs like a beagle and my ears and tail are like a beagle. I've got a smaller head and a long body like a dachsund.
d) I don't know. My girl rescued me after I was abandoned in the city that she worked in. The vet said I was a beagle/dachsund mix.

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In Memory of- Leroy

Bad Bad Leroy- Brown
Barked: Fri Sep 1, '06 5:30pm PST 
a) i'm male
b) i think i have traits of both, but maybe more Doxie
c) i have a doxie face for sure (and ears) but my body is a more like a beagle mixed with something else.
d) i don't know my mommy and daddy, i was rescued as a pup


I will bite it!
Barked: Mon Sep 11, '06 1:27pm PST 
a) male
b) more doxie
c) short legs, body length, and face of a doxie. But i got the broad shoulders and thick torso of a beagle. When i was a pup i had doxie coloring, but slowly i'm getting white hairs and copper spots on me like beagles.
d) don't know

I am a Weapon of- Mass- Destruction..
Barked: Sat Sep 23, '06 10:17am PST 
c.long body, short muscular legs, soulful eyes, short thick tail, medium fur
d.parents unknown

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Barked: Tue Nov 7, '06 4:15pm PST 
a) I'm a male

b) I'm more doxie

c) I have the face & long body of a doxie, and the territorial-ness I'm told is doxie-ish. Some of the white coloring of a beagle, the "nose" of a beagle (always sniffing) and the larger body size and longer legs of a beagle (20 lbs) My ears are neither, I must have some other mix in me as well.

d) I don't know what my parents were. The vet told me I was dachshund-beagle.
Henry Wolf

I grunt,- therefore, I am!
Barked: Wed Nov 8, '06 2:51pm PST 
a) I'm ALL Male, baby!!

b) I look more like a beagle.

c) I have the head and ears of a beagle, legs like a beagle (but shorter), thick tail like a beagle (but not as thick as most beagles, but not thin like a doxie), and a doxie body. I have to admit I'm pretty darned cute!

d) Mom was a beagle. My doxie daddy was pretty sneaky. I was born with 5 other Basset/Beagle pups!
Mr. Peanut

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Barked: Sun Jan 28, '07 10:46am PST 
A, I am male
B. I look more like a Dachshund
C. My body and tail are Dachshund and my face is Beagle. I have strawberry blond hair more like a Dachshund with white patches. My tail is Beagle.
D. Sadly I don't know who my parent were

Shake Your- Snoopy Spots!
Barked: Tue May 29, '07 4:34am PST 
a) I am a little princess. :0)

b) I'm more Beagle than Doxie, I think.

c) I've got beautiful Snoopy spots, which are characteristic of Beagles, as well as a Beagle howl and I'm sniffing ALL THE TIME! I think my body is a bit longer than a Beagle and I know my ears are more Doxie than Beagle as well. I've got the tri-coloring of a Beagle too - but that's mostly on my face.

d) Mom didn't think to ask when she rescued me.

Hold me!
Barked: Fri Jul 20, '07 5:31pm PST 
1. Male

2. I look more like a dachshund

3. I have the length and coloring of a dachshund, and the longer legs, 21lb size, eyes, and soft ears of a beagle. I also occassionally pull out the voice of a beagle! Non-dachshund people always yell, "there's a weiner dog!" but people that know dachshunds know I'm a mix.

4. I don't know. I ended up at the pound.
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