Hi fellow Bullies


We Love You- Diesel!!!!
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 3:48pm PST 
Just thought I'd say hi what a great idea, you can never have enough bullmastiff groups
JammerG - We Miss You Girl

Untill we meet- again I love you
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 6:29pm PST 
Like a said we can only learn from each other and the more sites we have the ideas we have to draw from.

Barked: Wed Apr 10, '13 9:12am PST 
Just wanted to say this is the first time owning a bullmastiff and i'm enjoying it a lot and have to say she's the smartest puppy I've ever owned or seen. Gemma is going to be 4 month's on the 17 of April 2013 and I've had her since the 28th of January 2013. We named her January 1st when we meet her and been loving her since. Gemma went for her third set of shot's April 1st and she's been gaining 10 pounds a month on the nose, so as of April 1st she weighed 33 pounds. I hope Gemma and I can make lot's of bully friends out here.dancing dog