What is a puppy mill?


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Barked: Fri Aug 4, '06 9:42pm PST 
I currently live in the US, but I am still very much Pinay. I've recently become a member of this group, so hello to all!

After reading several Dogster owner bios, I've come to the realization that appallingly enough, the puppy mill industry is alive and thriving in the Philippines.

Just what is a puppy mill? I found the ff. URL that best articulates this appellation:

I started this thread with the intention of educating the public. Bottom line, it's good for the dogs, and good for the owners.

To me, acquiring a dog from a puppy mill or out of sheer "oh, the puppy looked cute, but i really know nothing about the breed, and i neither have the time nor the inclination of taking care of this thing after he gets older & uglier", is just plain stupid.

Please read the article and help others become better educated. Let's be responsible and get our acts together.

Thank you.