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Thank You for accepting our invitation.nWe hope you enjoy our group.

My brother, Anchor, and I live in North Philadelphia, and share our home with Jocelyn, our human guardian. Our neighborhood is not as dog friendly as we'd like it to be, and we always have to walk on broken glass. The only "park" we have access to is a small baseball field, and it is not very fun at all. Jocelyn would like for us to meet other dogs, and go to their parks to play. Anchor and I have never been swimming, but I think we would enjoy it a lot. Where do you live?

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We live in Northeast Philadelphia and often go for walks with mommy and daddy at Pennypack Park. I love to swim and always go and jump right into the creek (even when mommy yells no!).

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We'd love to meet you someday, maybe you can teach us how to approach the creek?

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Hey, we live in bucks county and love Pennypack Park! We also like to walk at the park on Valley Road, I think it is Valley Road, it's just off of Street Road not far from the Warrington Target. Mom has only been here 3 years, me a year and Dad and Frisco all their lives.

We are trying to find a good dog park and hoping they build one near us soon. Mom was upset that they did not pass the parks tax last year, cause some of that money was going to a dog park. People are stupid sometimes.

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We live in Roxborough. We take our dogs to the nearby baseball field and Walnut Lane Golf course. Its great for the dogs to run around as long as they have a good recall. Any time in the winter is good and early morning and late evening during golfing season. We go almost everyday and are always looking for new friends to play with.
Beatrix- Kiddo

Yard? What- yard?....
Barked: Sun Apr 1, '07 9:59am PST 
Mom has no idea where Roxborough is, she's from St. Louis and in four years of living here still gets lost and the drivers scare her to death.

The park we walk at has a nice one mile paved trail along a creek. If you would ever like to meet there sometime and go walking let us know, we go a lot. You go up 611/ Easton Road until you get to Street Road, then turn right and go a few blocsk to Valley Road, then make a left and the park is up that street on your right.

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Hey Everyone! I'm new to Dogster. I've been living in Phila for almost 2 years now- in the Manayunk section. We go on hikes in Fairmount park- the Valley Green area. We also go on long walks along Kelly Drive by the river. Those are my 2 fav spots to go. There is also a fun open area, wouldn't call it a "dog park" but it's where all the dogs go, offleash- right in front of boathouse row. I love that place too! We just did the 6.2 mile Red Cross Walk today, which was great! Raised a lot of money for a great organization and it was beautiful out. Nice to meet you all! ~Bentley

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Hi everybody! I lived near Chestnut Hill and there are a few good dog parks nearby. There's one in Fort Washington, called Mondaug Park (it's on my page as a place I marked!). It's nice, it's fenced in w/ areas for big dogs and a separate one for the little ones. Always friendly people there. My parents just took me there today! I've heard there is one in Cheltenham too, off Washington Lane but haven't made it there yet. I'll be at Mondaug on Tuesday afternoon!

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Hi everyone! (Anybody out there?) My name is Dash and I live in Olde City. I love to play fetch and would love even more to have a play date with someone. I like to hangout in the dogparks and in washington square.wave