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Barked: Sun Jul 9, '06 8:29am PST 
Mommie and I were watching CNN Headline News when a story came on there that touched our hearts and This man that has dedicated his life to help animals really needs our help as he is helping our fur faced friends and if you go to watch CNN (HLN) You can hear his story this Sunday morning July 9,06 . Mommie has e mailed CNN to get the full story to share with all but has not gotton the information she requested yet,for it is Sunday. So she did find this on the internet and wanted to share..........This man and his wife have made it there mission to help animals...Before and after the storm in Mississippi. They refused to leave the animals and got them up on second floor and stayed with them all during this time. They are living in a Fema trailor and there house is not liveable and they refuse to leave the furfaces.. They are remarkable folks to care so much where others fail us. As Sam said on CNN you would not leave your kid hanging in a tree. How true is that. It made mommie cry.
Bubbus & Topez

Unreported pocket of animals in need, and how you can help, ...from PAW update;

There are anywhere from 500 to 1000 pets and animals are now wandering the streets of Perlington that have been displaced from the hurricane that have no food, while people in the town are burying literally hundreds of dead animals that have were killed from the tidal surge from the hurricane. Here is account summary report update from Sam Bailey who is at ground zero in Pearlington, Mississippi on what his own eyes have seen.

Estimated that 400 plus dogs are displaced and wandering the streets that need to be rescued Hundreds of Cats and kittens that are hiding in debris that need to be rescued Over 30 Horses running wild that need to be rescued ??? Number of Goats that need to be rescued ??? Number of Pigs that need to be rescued

Sam has also reported that their are over 10,000 National Guard troops in the area, which is a big relief to know that the military security presence is there to protect all the people and our volunteers working in those areas.

The following contact numbers below should only be called if anyone including any other relief organizations, shelters, rescue groups, transporters, veterinarians and volunteers with experience can come in and provide any relief assistance to help with ongoing lifesaving animal relief efforts in Pearlington, Mississippi disaster area. Please contact Kendra or Sam who are animal relief coordinators in Mandeville, LA and Pearlington, Mississippi on how you can help at 985-246-9388 or 985-892-8168.

Below is the relief staging area address that has now been set up for any relief supplies to come in, including where Animal Relief Organizations, Rescue Groups, Vets, Transporters and Volunteers can also meet at this staging location to coordinate ongoing animal relief efforts. Please go to Map Quest to get directions if you are looking to drive down to come and help.

All roads coming into Mandeville, LA are clear to drive in without any major problems and the National Guard is posted everywhere on all major intersections and crossroads in the Gulf area providing security. Lansas Kennels is the staging disaster relief area for Pearlington, Mississippi

23011 Kilgore Street Mandeville, LA 70471

Contact: Kendra or Sam 985-246-9388 or 985-892-8168

Here is a list of items that is urgently needed to be brought or sent to Mandeville, LA

Pet food* Wet / Dry Large/ Small Cages and carriers Medical supplies Vaccinations Bowls Collars Leashes Washing tubs Building materials to make housing kennels Shampoos Amoxicillin / Clavamox Flea preventative (Frontline, Advantix, Capstar, etc.) Heart Guard (Interceptor, Heartguard, etc.) Paper towels Cameras (to take pictures of the displaced animals) Medicated shampoo Neosporin Bandages Fans and extension cords Large trash cans Trash bags Lime (For burying dead animals) Can openers Cotton balls Waterless hand sanitizer Baby wipes Rubbing alcohol Empty spray bottles Trash bags