What are YOU doing with your certificate???

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Jonah CGC

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Barked: Fri Jun 30, '06 6:15am PST 
Hey All,
I wanted to know what you are doing with your therapy dog certificate??? I'll tell you about myself...I started out at a small nursing home....It was okay, but it just wasn't what I was looking for, ya know? So my mom contacted the local hospital by us and it turned out that they had a therapy dog group going. She got the number of the woman who runs it and called her up to see if I could join them. Success! My first visit was a lot of fun, but I was very excited. I soon got the swing of things! It is really cool, and I love the hospital! What are YOU doing???
Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

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Barked: Sun Sep 10, '06 2:19pm PST 
Well I don't have TDI cert yet because I have to send it in still, but I am certified therapy dog with 3 local organizations that have their own tests: Chenny Troupe; theAnti-Cruelty Society's AAA program; and Sit Stay Read. I have been visiting a hospital/physical rehabilitation center with Chenny Troupe for 6 years now! I might be switching to a different hospital location though that is closer to my home. Sit Stay Read has programs where children in schools with low literacy rates read to dogs (and other non-school programs.) I've volunteered with several of their programs at community centers, and currently we are volunteering in a weekly program that is held at a shelter for families. It's kinda funny because we are volunteering with ANOTHER dog also named Ginger! The other Ginger is a Shih Tzu mix...

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Barked: Tue Oct 3, '06 4:14pm PST 
Well, I have been going on visits for just under a year. I go to assisted living & nursing facilities and safe house. I am starting to join a group that goes to youth center. I like the active visitts, they are my style. The safe house can be alot of fun depending on how many people are around.

My sister Stella, who's also been doing this same time as me, really enjoys the mellower visits. She's just as happy if someone is petting her head as she is playing around.

Now, my brother Leo has it made! He was born with a heart defect. And, so has been special consideration and in training for therapy visits since he was 4 months old. So, between his breeder, a "aunt" he adopted at day care and the visits we do, he goes almost every day. He goes to hospitals, nursing homes, safe houses, schools, etc. He is a busy guy. But, he really enjoys it. Even though he is still a puppy, he does know when he is workign and calms right down.

in all, we are all quite happy with what we are doing. Just getting out and socializing and meeting people is fun in itself!

Amber CGC

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Barked: Tue Dec 19, '06 4:16pm PST 
Well, my owner just (finally, but in her defense we recently moved!) got the papers mailed off. And I only passed ten days ago! So I still don't know if I want to visit nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers or another place yet. Or I could have kids read to me!

What's the best for a new dog and her handler (who is a junior) to start in?

Smokey- 4/23/97-4/19- /07

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Barked: Mon Jan 8, '07 10:58am PST 
Hi! I'm relatively new to this, but so far I've gone to retirement community/nursing homes and a rehab center. I'm going to go to the children's ward of a hospital nearby soon. My group (Fidos for Freedom) has lots of get togethers and parades and stuff, so I've done all of that, too. I may be an "older" guy, but going to see all the people makes me act like a 2 year old! It really puts a pep in my step.

Lets Play Ball
Barked: Thu Mar 29, '07 4:10am PST 
wave Hi Everybody,

I don't have a certficate from TDI as we are in India , but I've been approved by the local shelter for their canine therapy Programme.
It's a relively new concept in India but its benefits are catching on real fast.
I go and play with the children at the "spastic society" and we will hopefully be soon starting to go to a rehabilitation centre for the physically and mentally challenged too.

Barked: Wed Apr 4, '07 5:53pm PST 
Hey everyone!

Just last weekend I passed my test to be a therapy dog with St. John Ambulance of Saskatchewan! Mom's paper work has to clear first and then we will start going to nursing homes and long term care facilities to visit with the residents. I will get my certificate and everything will be official after 3-4 mentored visits. Those should start in a few weeks.

I'm so excited!!

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Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 7:40am PST 
Hey everyone! snoopy
I'm new to this group and to dogster, I'm so glad I found this group! I am a registered AAA/AAT dog with Delta Society (they call it a Pet Partners Team). I go to my local nursing home/assisted living facility and visit the wing with Alzheimer's patients. I really love them, especially since they drop food sometimes and I sniff it out. Some of them even remember my name, which is amazing. I also go to a long-term care/rehabilitation facility for patients with AIDS. They had been trying to get a Therapy Dog program started for 2 years, and we were the first to answer them! I love it there, everyone is so nice and they just love me- it's a really well run facility. When things settle down for mom next month, she is going to contact Philly's children hospital (CHOP) to see if they would like visits as well. It's so great to meet you all! Continue your life-changing work my friends. Kisses and snuggles~ Bentley
Magnolia,- ONYX, RN,- RL1, CGC

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Barked: Tue Apr 24, '07 1:28pm PST 
I'm not a TDI dog yet, but I hope I will be soon! My mom thought that I probably wouldn't make a very good therapy dog because I'm just a bundle of energy and I can be quite strong when I try to play tug. I'm still pretty young and have some growing up to do.

Mom changed her mind when she saw how sweet and loving I was to her 87-year-old grandmother this past Christmas. I could tell she wasn't feeling too well, so I just came and sat next to her and put my head in her lap. I didn't want to hurt her or make her feel worse so I just showed her the only way I could that I wanted her to feel better. I didn't even try to climb in her lap. Mom was amazed.

Mom also thinks I'd be really good at the reading program that TDI has. They just started it in the libraries in our area. I just love kids (and they love me too since I look just like a Disney dog!), and I know how hard it is to learn new things and how scary it can be to practice in front of people who already know how to do it really well. So I'd like to help them! I can't read myself, but I sure do love a good story!!
Abby Road- June 2004 - Oct 2012

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Barked: Thu May 24, '07 5:22pm PST 
On Tuesday I visting and assisted living facility and on Thursdays I visit an elemetary school for Read to Rover.
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