Dog Names


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Barked: Wed Jun 21, '06 7:15am PST 
This post is about how to name your dog. So if your mommy or daddy are getting a new pup then they should read this....If you are a traditional person then you should go with a name like Ginger, Rufus, Bowser, Fido, Spot,or Rover. If you like to be realistic and have everyone notice you then go with a name like Lunch, Treat, Snack, Poop, Dinner Bowl, Walk, Where's the Squirrel, or Steak. If you'd like to confuse people and say the opposite of your dog then when your dogs small call him Hulk or Hercules. When he's big or giant then call him Tiny or Scamp.

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Hi Angel, That's pretty good - and it makes sense too! My daddy named me Rocky as he liked the boxer movie, Rocky and always watched it. Then he got Sarge when he moved to the West, and named him for the Marine Corp., as he had been in the Marines!! How did you get your name, it is so beautiful?!! You are an angel, too! Woof, Rocky and Sarge

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Well it was really easy naming my pup. Um first i thought of some of my bff's names and then none really fit so i knew she was born in August wich is fall so i named her Autumn ( fall was kind of a silly name!) snoopy

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My mom was thinking of dog names, and then she thought of the stone mica, (which is very pretty I must say!). She liked the name of the rock, but decided to change the spelling to make it unique. Even though lots of people pronounce my name MEE-kuh, I like the spelling of my name, because it matches my uniqueness. If that's a word. big grin