I'm having a hard time

Kobie(bye- everyone!- see diary)

Love me!!!
Barked: Sat Jun 10, '06 6:03pm PST 
I just got Kobie on monday. He's perfect. But since hes deaf he has to do hand signals, but he can't do them very well. It takes a while. Do you guys have any info to help me. Before i send him to a trainer. (Lots of money!!)
Purity- (R.I.P.- 6-29-07)

Barked: Mon Jun 19, '06 11:02am PST 
Im sorry Kobie that u are no longer with us... It takes so much patience with a deaf /blind dog. And so much love..
Kansas Field- of Cotten- (Cotten

Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 10:22am PST 
It was so very sad for me to read that Kobie had to leave. I am kind of having the same problem with Cotten only he is blind.
I have learnt with him to let him go to the person and with Children we sit them down let him walk around them and have them talk to him each time he comes by. I will then sit and make to where he has to go between the both of us and when he does I will pet him and then thay can pet him to. We do this more then one time. It is not long till he is at least walking by them with no fear. Babies and Little ones we totally keep away from him.
I am also making and vest for him when we are in public or at my Mom that tells people he is blind so they just do not walk up to him and startle him.
It at least gives me a chance to work with him and them.
We are also going to start a Obedence class at the end of Aug. This will also help with socilizing him and it will help me learn how to train him.
Vi and Cotten