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Barked: Thu Jun 8, '06 12:16pm PST 
Mom asked me to post this...she's really worried that our local shelter doesn't have a microchip reader....

I just spoke to a woman named Louisa at the Clovis Animal Shelter. She told me that they DO NOT have a microchip reader for pets. I asked her why not, and she said they used to have one but it didn't read all the chips properly & opened up liability for the city--which I think is a load of crap. I told her that the city would be even MORE liable if they do not have a reader and end up euthanizing pets that are chipped. She kept interrupting me & was very argumentative. But I digress...

I am going to have my pets microchipped next month and I am just dumbfounded that our shelter doesn't even have a reader. Louisa said "they" (whoever "they" are) are CONSIDERING the purchase of an "industrial" chip reader (I think she meant universal), but there's no telling if one will be purchased or not.

So I got the name & address of Lt. Grah, who apparently is in charge of deciding whether it's worth the city's time & money to get a microchip reader. I'm writing him a letter encouraging the purchase of a microchip reader. I'll probably write a letter to the newspaper editor as well. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that Clovis does not have a reader. Microchipping is becoming the method of identifying lost animals. El Paso recently started requiring animals to be microchipped, and Chicago's city council will be voting on a similar measure soon. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13121966/site/newsweek/)

If you have pets or are an animal lover, I ask that you contact your local animal shelters and find out if they have readers. If they don't, PLEASE find out who to contact about acquiring one. (And get your pets chipped!)

AVID chip, the brand my vet uses, offers a special program to provide FREE readers to local shelters. You can find information about it here: http://mail.avidid.com/web/pets/index.html. By the way, I asked Louisa if the Clovis shelter would be interested, and she very abruptly said NO.

If you live in Clovis, please find the time to write or call Lt. Grah at the Clovis Police Dept (address below). If you can, write to the newspaper or city council as well. And PLEASE forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Clovis Police
ATTN: Lt. Grah
PO Box 760
Clovis NM 88102
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I am Daisy's mom, Bridgett. That is just bizarre. The animal shelter, no doubt always in want of funds, turns down a FREE microchip reader??? What?! Aren't they supposed to be saving lives?

Please keep us updated on this situation.

Abq. just passed a supposed stricter animal oridinance that will go into affect in August. It will require all animals to be microchipped and altered within 6 months of the law taking affect.

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I am so sorry about that. It sounds like someone doesn't like their job or just hates animals or why would they turn down a free reader. Maybe not but that sounds really strange to me. None of us are microchipped but mommy and daddy plan on it really soon. I guess mommy better ask this shelter if they have a reader.

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In SANTA FE, of ALLLL places, the HSUS shelter still has no microchip scanner. I have considered starting a fund drive to get one for the shelter here, or possibly just outright requesting that one of the larger Pet supply companies DONATE a scanner. Has anyone attempted such a thing yet?
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Punky Poochie's mom here. As I understand things, there are a vareity of microchips being manufactured, each manufacturer has a different chip reader. The problem is that there is no national standard for the microchip readers. This means that each area of the USA tends to have different microchips/readers. I wonder if someday the veterinarians, shelters, and city/county/state animal controls will develop a "standard" that all the manufacturers would follow. I would think it difficult for any shelter to decide which reader to purchase since there are so many. Don't know if this helps at all. When I researched microchipping and learned of this, I decided against microchipping ... at least for now.

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Josh and I were both chipped at the shelter. Whenever we make a visit to the Vet, our person asks them to check and ensure the chips are still readable - so they are checking with their reader.

I think any shelters who do not use microchip readers should be exposed! It has to cost more to feed, then "put down" a dog than to contact the people....this is just nuts! shock