How did you get your name?

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You know you yub- me!
Barked: Thu Jun 1, '06 6:59am PST 
We love hearing these stories from our new members. They're always fun and a good discussion starter.

My name is Madden and my mommy named me after her favorite shoe designer, Steve Madden. Come to find out, though, Madden is a Celtic name (form of Madigan) that means small dog. How perfect is that?!?!?!
Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo the- maltipoo
Barked: Tue Jun 27, '06 2:27am PST 
My name is Mr. Magoo. My mom thought it sounded cute with maltipoo..."mr. magoo the maltipoo". I also get called magoogle baloogle, moogizles, sweet pea....i answer to all!

I love to dance!
Barked: Wed Jul 5, '06 4:23pm PST 
My name is Shannon, Celtic for little wise owl. I was named Shannon because it's my mommy's favorite name in the world. Daddy doesn't like it, so he calls me Shea shea or the Shannonator. I'm not sure that I'm much of an owl, but I sure am wise and I'm a really tiny little girl!

Jack Baxter

I'm Jumpin'- Jack!
Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 12:44am PST 
My name is Jack Baxter, but you can just call me Jack. Mama named me Jack because I just love to JUMP! (Get it? I'm Jumping Jack!) My middle name, Baxter, is the name of my hero from the movie, "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy"; he is a little gentleman, wise like Buddha, ate a whole wheel of cheese, speaks Spanish, and is a friend of the bears. Baxter is the coolest!

aka Meisha- Barkton
Barked: Sat Aug 19, '06 11:37pm PST 
My name is Meisha, and my Mommy and Daddy named me in the car while bringing me home. Mommy and Daddy got the idea of the name from the actress Mischa Barton, so I am commonly called "Meisha Barkton". My name is russian and means "Who is like God".

Barked: Thu Aug 24, '06 10:59pm PST 
My name is Pocono and my mommy works for Nascar and she named me after the racetrack she was at the week before she got me. smile

Barked: Sat Sep 30, '06 6:43pm PST 
my name is blossom. mom was debating getting a puppy and was getting anxious about it all so was up very late the night before she met me. she wanted a flowery name as she hasn't had a girl dog for a long time and she woke up, yet again, that night and blossom came to her. she wrote it down and the rest is history. she liked the name tulip too, but that is what her friend named her new dog. paws...

Mommy's Angel
Barked: Sat Nov 11, '06 8:00pm PST 
My name is Charlie, When I was a puppy, mommy said that I reminded her of Charlie Brown because I had a round head.

Woofball Hero!
Barked: Thu Jan 11, '07 9:05pm PST 
I'm named for Albert Einstein because of the poofy white hair on my head!

Less talking and- more throwing.
Barked: Fri Jan 12, '07 2:10pm PST 
hey everyone,

my mum and dad had me home for a week or so before they named me. they say it was good to get to know my personality before committing to a name. they finally decided on "geordi" as in laforge,
since i am as smart as a chief engineer. i do keep them running, don't i. hahaha

l8r, geordi laugh out loud
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