Special Diet?

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Barked: Wed May 24, '06 3:05pm PST 
I am still getting used to the thread/message thing here. I posted this as a message and maybe it should have been a thread-

Have any of you had to be on a special diet to lose weight? I get my regular food but my mom only sets it down for about 20 minutes or so. I don't like that at all because I like to go back and snack now and again. My mom said that is what my doctor said I had to do. I only one buscuit a day but I get to chew on rawhide and pig skin. Do you know if rawhide has calories to it?
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Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 1:42pm PST 
Wow, 20 minutes? You get to eat for 20 minutes? I'm a beagle, and the food in my dish lasts about 20 seconds! (Sadly, this is not an exaggeration.) I yearn to dine any and every time I feel the urge...

I think rawhide might be a wash, when you compare the calories in versus what it takes to chew it up. However, things like pig ears -- one of my favorites -- are pretty much all fat. I keep telling Mom that a little (or a lot) fat is a small price to pay for a happy beagle, but she just snorts and says, "Have another carrot."
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Buska, Buska, Buska,
It is your cousins the puggers. We believe you are exaggerating when you say your food last 20 seconds. We say you inhale within 10 seconds then play "shark" hoping to get your muzzle into our food. That is not very polite when you have invited us over for dinner. Or worse, when we have invited you over for dinner. Perhaps if you were not such a large target the squirrel in the tree would not have pooped and pee'd on you as you laid on the patio this week. And another thing-- perhaps if you were not so food-minded your nose would be smaller and our 'da mom would not have rolled up the car window on your nose. Irving says you should do like he does-- lose your teeth (whoops, you have), and shed your fur to lose weight. Maxwell says, just stay out of his food!
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Yeah, so there!!


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This week, the doctor put me on a low fat diet to help me loose some weight. I can only have low fat meat like chicken and rice. I love home cooking. I can't wait until mommy get it ready for me.