Reeses- The 3-leg Wonder- Dog
Barked: Sun May 14, '06 9:57am PST 
Thank you for joining my group! I hope that this means you have a love for 3-leggers just like I do! Boy do those little guys have speed. GEEZ!

Boy Genius
Barked: Mon May 29, '06 9:46pm PST 
We three-leggers are the fastest and the strongest! You have 1 leg in the front like me which means that we constantly bench press 60% of our body weight. Thanks for the welcome!

Reeses- The 3-leg Wonder- Dog
Barked: Fri Jun 16, '06 10:44pm PST 
That's crazy. I never knew that! I just know that after the operation my vet told me I need to get strong. 3-leggers are the greatest!


I'm a big tough- (mama's boy)- Dog!
Barked: Mon Feb 5, '07 8:20pm PST 
I got a right paw in front and twoooooooooooo in the back!
I'm a big tough dog,
I'm a tough strong dog. (Mom tells me so all the time!)
Sometimes I balance on TWO legs when I lift one to pee!
(Sometimes I tilt over and balance myself with my noseshh) big grin
Hi Everybody! Nice to know there are other hoppers like me!
It is easier for me to run-I LOVE to run!puppysnoopy