What should we do?


Barked: Tue May 2, '06 1:09pm PST 
Anyone have any ideas about stuff you'd like to do in this group?

Barked: Fri May 19, '06 2:47pm PST 
Any ideas?
MeiRen Secor

I am my own dog.
Barked: Sun Oct 8, '06 10:45pm PST 
We can introduce ourselves and tell our story. My name is MeiRen, and I am a white pom. I was born in China but now I live in California. I am a homebody and love my human family very much. There are four dogs in my family, and one is my son, Momo. There is also a big sister Cutey and a dbf Mochi. I am very happy.


Demon Seed!
Barked: Wed Mar 28, '07 11:27am PST 
HELLOOOOOOO, Where is every one? My name is Jade, I am a standard poodle,guess I dont fit in the little part of little white doggies, o well, Im white, does that count? Any way, lets play a game Ill ask a question,ill answer my question, then Ill pass it on, you answer that question, then ask and answer your own,etc,,,,,Ill start! What is your favorite treat? mine is peanut butter,mmmmm yummy! This way we can find out a little bout every one. ready, set, GO!