How many of you "grumble" talk??

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Windchime's- Buster Bu- RIP 6/06

Mr Grumble Pants
Barked: Tue Apr 25, '06 10:21am PST 
Hi, I'm Buster Bu and I just had to ask this question.

How many of you Pointers "grumble" talk to your humans???

I'm always talking to them, yet they have no clue what I'm saying- WHY????
I'm not angry, just telling them how I feel or what I want.

How do you get them to understand?? Any suggestions????
Anassa Sui

'born to be- spoiled'
Barked: Fri Sep 22, '06 10:07am PST 
i don't grumble talk, i just follow my people like shadows smile i do growl when i play though, does that count?
Joseph Dean

Barked: Sat Jul 21, '07 1:42pm PST 
I am constantly talking!!! In fact my mom says that I never hush!! She always says that I sm getting sassy with her.snoopy


Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 12:15pm PST 
Talmadge definitely groans and grumbles. That combined with how he smacks when he chews has granted him the moniker of Old Man doggy.

Play, Eat, Sleep
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 5:57pm PST 
I always grumble-mumble, but only to get them to move faster to meet my needs. I mean, really, they are sooooooo slow sometimes.

I only resort to the bark when they don't start moving immediately.

I also grumble-mumble when the cats get near any of my food. And it's ALL my food.


Barked: Sat May 17, '08 3:36pm PST 
I grumble when I have a bone in my mouth and want to tell people, "Don't even think about it!"

I also do a "snorty-snort" and make other funny noises while prancing about and following Poppa around. That's because I'm excited about something Poppa and I are about to do together. blue dog

Barked: Sun May 18, '08 8:20pm PST 
This is great to know other pointers grumble talk too! We love how vocal Baxter is, it makes us laugh. Cute thread.
Sybil Marie

Qui me amat,- amat et canum- meum.
Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 10:01pm PST 
Sybil Marie also is a grumbler! She just started a while ago and the grumble activity seems to be increasing.

Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 4:14am PST 
Kimber grumble talks alot especially when she sees her human come home. She will stand on the back porch and talk away. She rarely barks and we call her speech Warbling. Everything she says sounds like it begins with a "W"- Wrrrrrr,Wrrrrr. She seems to have something important to say and a lot of it.

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Second- "Chance"- Hunter

One can never- have too much- fun
Barked: Fri Feb 6, '09 8:32pm PST 
I grumble talked for my first time today. Mommy stayed up really late and I was awake with her, but she had to wake up at 7 AM this morning to go to class. I looked at her when she got up, grumbled then went into the living room with her and fell asleep on the couch! Hehe...this is the life smile
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