I'm back with info

Princess- JEZABELLE- lolita

Barked: Thu Apr 13, '06 8:21pm PST 
Sorry My friends and dogs, I've been working so hard, and I just got done with my friend Jessica who is the proud owner of Biff a chocolate cockerspanial, We did a Pet convention in Atlantic City...The HHBacker pet trade show was filled with all the latest Pet Fashion, innovative inventions and I will be telling you all about the fabulouse new stuff out there as well as good deals...We discovered a line of baby pink and blue plastic bags to put in the dispenser that holds them on your leashes (the bags that pick up poop) Get this they are scented!!! I met some other great pet designers who were just as small as me (actually no one was as small as me) But it was a great learning experience!!! My new website is up, no shopping cart yet but if you really want something you can contact me and be sure to tell me you are and angel bitch club member....Take a look here

Please tell me what you think!!! Naturally I can't donate as much money to charity dog organizations as I originally wanted to. I realized I'm just too small, but one day I will, and in the meantime as long as something from each piece I sell (at least a dollar, hopefully more) I guess all that matters is that its something and better than nothing. The way to sucseed is to not work for your own materialistic wants but to pick a higher cause and work for that. The more you can help the more powerful and good you will feel...Just look at Oprah!!! TTYL...I will try to be on dogster more now...