dog parks????

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Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 12:39pm PST 
i would love to know were everyone takes their pups??? we've been to the one @ the state penn, the one @ 25th & pine or spruce(?- next to the train), & orianna.
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Barked: Sun Apr 16, '06 2:47pm PST 
I`m new to this group. My Dad and I live in northeast Philly. He takes me to Pennypack Park which has many miles of hiking trails. Lincoln High School`s field adjoins the park and this is the informal dog park in Mayfair. I really like the longer walks we do on days when Dad is off. The Raritan Canal in NJ is really nice as well as Island Beach Park in NJ which allows dogs on the beach.
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Barked: Fri Apr 28, '06 11:55am PST 
Hi Enya! mom has beenn at home most of the time working on her soon-to-be business, so she's been walking us all over the city! We visit Seger park - behind the South Street SuperFresh, Columbus park - where we RUN in circles REALLY FAST at 12th & Reed, and we go to the 25t st. park too.

Our "home" park is Gold Star, on Wharton between 6th & 7th.

Soon enough, mom sez we will be going to work with her - do you know what 'work" is?


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Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 5:37pm PST 
There is a nice park in west philly called clark park on 43rd and baltimore. I live in fishtown and i know there are a few around here, but mason just isn't ready. I would love to find a park that he could go to...he likes the big dogs even if their parents don't think it's okay to play with him. He looks small, but he thinks big.

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Barked: Fri Oct 13, '06 1:52pm PST 
Hi, I'm new to the group. Nice to meet all of you. My daddy takes me to Pastorius Park in Chestnut Hill. It is huge and open with lots of trees, a pond, and tons of squirrles to chase. Somtimes we go to Seger Dog park on 10th and Rodman or the schuykill river dog park. I heard that the schuylkill river dog park is having a big party next weekend for pups.

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Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 7:22am PST 
Hi everyone! I'm new to dogster and to this doggie group. My favorite places to walk in Philly are- long walks along the river on Kelly Drive, going to that dog play area across from boathouse row where all the pups can run off leash (anyone know what it's called?). I also looove hiking in Fairmount Park, mainly in the Valley Green area. We also walk all over Manayunk and go to Pretzel Park there. What about you all? snoopy

Barked: Tue May 22, '07 5:53pm PST 
John Heinz National Wildlife Reserve is not a dog park but it's got lots of nice trails and dogs are welcome as long as we're on a leash.
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Barked: Tue Jul 17, '07 3:34pm PST 
Okay, we are not offically Philly dogs, but we love to visit there whenever we can! We have family in East Falls, the Northeast and the Burbs. There is a dog park at Mondauk park in Upper Dublin Township.

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Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 1:09pm PST 
Pastorius park in chestnut hill.
It even has a good sized pond.

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Barked: Sun Aug 12, '07 3:02pm PST 
I live near Chestnut Hill and have been to several dog parks around Philly. I like Mondauk Bark Park in Fort Washington, they keep the little dogs and big dogs separate though. If you're willing to travel, there is an AWESOME dog park down in Radnor, off of Rt.23 ( forget the name, sorry!). It's a huge, wideopen hill...lots of room for running and ball playing. It isn't fenced though so be aware of that. They also have a doggy water fountain! The one in Chestnut Hill is good, but has anyone else had problems after lots of swimming in the pond?! I tend to get ear infections from it because the water is pretty stagnant. Any others?? Mom doesn't like to bring me there b/c she CAN'T keep me outta there! If I see water, I'm in!
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