Roo roo song

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Pocket-Malla- rdsway On- YourMark

Did you say- swim?!
Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 10:26am PST 
Hey all you curly hounds! I have a quick question that I hope I could get an answer to. I'm 7 months old now and haven't sung my roo roo song's kinda coming but not there yet. When did you guys sing?

Chesapeake- Nation Unite!!
Barked: Thu Apr 20, '06 8:05am PST 
Lakota here,
Im 9 months old and dont Roo Roo, all i can muster is a whine so far, may be i should get my Food and Shelter giver to help teach me, im sure he would like that instead!!!

Life is all- about WATER!
Barked: Sat Apr 22, '06 5:01am PST 
I first sang my "Roo Roo Song" when my tennis ball got stuck under Mom's hutch!

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SR Jessie's- On Her Way- CD, JH

SpitFire or- FireCracker
Barked: Thu May 18, '06 10:41am PST 
I don't Roo Roo and neither does my sister "Morgan". However, mom has had quite a few of my foster brothers Roo. Typically it happens when they're really really happy and have a ball or kong or something in their mouth. Once, I barked when I saw people outside and mom said it almost sounded like a Roo -- b ut it wasn't. I try.. but it just doesn't happen.

However, I smile.. does anyone else smile? I get so happy I wrinkle my nose and show my teeth.. I toss my head from side to side as I'm so happy. Sometimes, I wrinkle my nose up so much that I start sneezing like crazy.
Magnum357- BestGuess of- Timber

Did I hear "lets- go swimming"?
Barked: Tue May 23, '06 5:05am PST 
I am not sure when I first roo'd, my brother doesn't roo and he is a chesapeake too. I also smile and my brother doesn't do that either. We are bother pure bred Chessies with different fathers, maybe this makes a difference?
Pocket-Malla- rdsway On- YourMark

Did you say- swim?!
Barked: Sat Jul 22, '06 6:57pm PST 
I'm now a roo'ing machine! Spray me with the water hose, give me a wet towel, a new toy, a kong, a pop can; you name and I'll roll on it a roo my face off! My parent's think it's quite funny, the neighbours think I'm retarded but they don't know about the roo roo's, it'll be a blast when I get a bro to roo with.....who knows maybe I'll roo and roll on him!

I also smile up a storm! Anything little thing like my two leggers even talking to me gets me smiling, and my tail never stops. I've broken a few things with it, but it just keeps on wagging.....Chessies sure are happy goofs!

Talk to ya guys later!!

Looking forward- to meeting my- new sis!
Barked: Mon Jan 22, '07 7:51pm PST 
I've always been a rooer. But my little sister chessie almost never rooed. She only did it a few times her whole life (sometimes during a dream) and that made it extra special.

Chesapeake- Nation Unite!!
Barked: Mon Mar 5, '07 12:39pm PST 
I now roo roo but not so much when im happy its more when i need to make a point, persuade my human to fetch me something or feel the need to explain the inner workings of the universe in great detail, i just wish that my human was as advanced in the many forms of communications as i am because i swear 90% of the time he does not understand a word that i am saying.

Canis Sillius- Maximus
Barked: Mon Mar 31, '08 1:29pm PST 
Hi all! I'm Thor and I'm now four years old. I don't roo OR smile! Sometimes Dad wishes I did like my older sister did, but he's ok with it.
I think I make up for it by being very mellow and friendly to all strangers...UNLIKE my older sister!

Barked: Fri Jun 6, '08 9:47am PST 
I roo-roo when my Daddy goes outside with the plastic bumpers. I know that we are going to practice my supurb hunting skills. Yep, I got madd skillz! I also roo when my kitty-cats run from me. I squeak when I run with them, too.
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