Hey Xena, it's Xena...Hee Hee

Xena *Warrior Princess*

The Lone Wolf.
Barked: Fri Apr 7, '06 3:43pm PST 
Just wanted tae bark a wee fank ye fur invitin' me an ma wee wet nose intae yer group!!
Though fur a wee while me an' mom are gonny be awfy busy, so a may no be aboot as much as am use tae. When aw the spring cleaning's done, all make sure that ma wee mom gets her bahookie right in here fur me tae have a good ole sniff aroon.

So dear Xena, fanx fur the invite!!!
Me an mom sure wis tickle-delighted....Wags "n" Wiggles.....

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Maggie Moo

I'm bringin'- sexy back....
Barked: Sat Apr 8, '06 9:13am PST 
Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be included in the 'great nose' group..I see my friend Marina is here too! Hooray!! Who nose what this forum will bring...? Hee...Have a fun day...Luv, Maggie