Iams is not cruel.

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I'm new to this group. I had not planned to say anything, but I cannot stay quiet over this. My mommy works for Iams, and she is very compassionate. The web sites you've been looking at are not telling the complete story. You should also check out what the ASPCA has to say about Iams at http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=about_iams.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I think it's important to get both sides of a controversy. If you're interested in what Iams has to say, then check out http://www.iamstruth.com/iamstruth/en_US/jhtmls/article/IT_Article_P age.jhtml;jsessionid=BOVR3MPJW30PFQFIAJ1YYCQ?li=en_US&pti=RP&article ID=6

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In fact, my cousin Cruise eats Iams!

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I understand in order to make dogs safe you have to test, but there are enough products out there for Iams to sell. But instead of stopping at that they conitued to test and kill and inflict pain on animals. Why? Well unless you have some insight on that Im sticking with my opintion that Iams is a money hungary, animal killing, big, HUGE (underlined three times) JERK!!!


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Thanks for the input Bailey, I am indeed interested in both sides and I'm glad you posted, as always your input is more than welcome and I believe we should see both sides. Its still disheartening to see the pictures and accusations from the activists, I would hope they aren't true but I guess consumers can never really know 100%.

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May I ask you, Bailey, what is the department in the compay that your Mom works for?
Just a curiosity.
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I'm going to try not to get worked up about this buuuut...

1. even if all of the animal testing stuff is false (which it is not, go to peta's website.. they done MANY investigations on them), all purina brands are STILL cruel. Have you read the labels lately? What dog needs corn? Or fillers? I've read so many books on the damage their ingrediants can do to dogs that it is unbelievable! And the aspca supports them because they give them free food.

watch cesar and read peta!!!
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The USDA, which is in charge of enforcing the Animal Welfare Act, has confirmed the allegations against IAMS. If someone thinks PeTA is too outrageous, then they can verify this information with a more low key pro-animal group. Or try to find the info through the USDA. Unfortunately, this entity has the paradoxical responsibilities of enforcing the AWA while simultaneously promoting animal enterprises. shrug