Barking on our new cool group forum!

Peppered- Jelly Belly- Bean, NPC

Bean Alert!
Barked: Fri Mar 31, '06 5:50am PST 
Hey fellow barkers! Nice to see we can have threads just for us!!! I have to say that I really love to bark! I now bark on command!! Mommy says "who's that" and off I go barking barking barking!!! (also if one of my sisters bark, I have to as well, even if I have no idea why they are barking!)
Shakespeare,- The Best Boy- Ever

Lean not mean- barking machine
Barked: Fri Mar 31, '06 5:58pm PST 
Woof woof woof woof!! Mom and I took a long walk around the neighborhood today so I got to bark bark bark bark bark bark at everyone! It was fun! (So is this group, woof woof!)

Life can't get- any better than- this!!!!
Barked: Wed May 17, '06 2:29pm PST 
The utility men are working on our street again and boy am I having fun barking at them. Mom keeps telling me to hush and I do until she shuts the door and goes back inside and then I start barking all over again. I'm having such a good time.


Cujo The- Lil'Little!©
Barked: Sun May 28, '06 6:18am PST 
I bark at everyone... even myself. I bark at dots on the floor, my tail, people 7 stories below me in the pool, foot steps, wind, you name it - I bark at it. Why? Because I can!
-ARf! ARF!!

Any excuse to- bark!
Barked: Thu Jun 1, '06 11:21pm PST 
Bark bark bark bark bark! That's my middle name I swear! Isn't it fun to bark? I bark when I hear anything outside, when my cousin Bear barks, or when anyone gets excited and yells in my home. Or even when my mama says the kitties names! I love to bark at other dogs, or when my mama gives me a command. Always gotta have the last bark! I bark at squirrels and birds and the kitties, and myself. I bark when my grandpa comes home, or when we have visitors. Everything! Bark!

Me, me, me!!!!!
Barked: Mon Jun 5, '06 6:12pm PST 
Hi everyone, WOOF WOOF BARK BARK BARK!!!!! Mom says I'm the loudest Siberian she's ever had, I can run full tilt through the house, stuffie in my mouth, barking at full volume. She does say it's very easy to find me, just follow the noise;-)

Woof Woof, Kiss Kiss
Cinnamon Grrrl

The Little Bad- Wolf
Barked: Thu Jul 27, '06 9:19pm PST 
I'm like Cujo--I bark at everything including myself! Mommy says it's me, but as far as I'm concerned it's a strange dog in the mirrored closet doors. I bark at anyone who comes into my house, even if Mommy and Daddy say they are friends and I don't need to bark at them! I also bark at the telephone, the fax machine, and the central air conditioning when it comes on. Please pass the Sucrets....

I'll do anything- for a treat!
Barked: Sat Jan 27, '07 9:22pm PST 
Hi! I LOVE to Bark!!! I love the sound of my voice! I bark at everything - people in the street, the neighbor's cars, any noise, and some I think only I can hear, because momma doesn't! She doesn't see what I see either! One day I was having fun playing in the back yard and barking. It was too hot outside so mom made me come back in after 30 minutes. About an hour later, a policeman came to the door and said someone complained about my barking. Momma couldn't hear him because I was barking too loud. She had to go outside and shut the door so she could hear was okay though, momma didn't get in trouble. But geez, we do not like that neighbor now!
Gray Dawn- Treader

Don't Tread on- me
Barked: Sat Mar 8, '08 7:47pm PST 
Cookie and I bark at things and people of the road, people going by our house, and the usual things which watchdogs bark at.
It amuses mistress (but not Cookie) when I bark at Cookie when she can't come and get me.big laugh I'm getting back at her for all the times she has bullied me. I even added of picture of me barking to Cookie into the group pictures!