Show and Tell the New Year - January 3 - 2014

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Barked: Thu Jan 2, '14 11:23pm PST 
We made it to the other side of the year!

How's it going wiff you so far.
This morning Dad read me that informative Basenji Book that Patan and Keyah sent me -- Bad Basenji. WE read it this morning over coffee (sorry Keyah). What I found out was that no matter how bad us basenjis the end, we are loved no matter what - well of course it matters on who are pawrents are.

I loved the book and I'm gonna exercise my bad basenji membership card and cut loose!

What's up wiff you all?

I hope every pup received their Secret Senji Santa. If not, write me pee mail me or mom and we'll find out what has happened.

Happy New Year Pups!!!

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Barked: Sat Jan 4, '14 3:45pm PST 
Happy New Year! partypartypartypartypartypartypartypartypartyparty

So far 2014 looks pretty good. Dad says he notices that I'm getting a little bounce back in my step and that I'm able to go a little longer on walks. I was pooping out and asking to go back to the car halfway just a few weeks ago. I also get to go on two long walks a day on some days because Mom and Dad have discovered that one of our walks is really pretty at night too.

Talker, I'm glad you guys enjoyed the book. I'm sure baby J would like for you to read it to her as well. That way she will be prepared when you chew up her socks or something. way to go

Keyah's super excited about the new year. I'm not sure why, but she's been jumping and bouncing all over the place. For a brief moment, Mom even worried that she had given Keyah my pills instead of me. laugh out loud But, no, it's probably because it's been cool lately and it's not humid. It's been really nice actually.

Can't wait to hear what you pups are doing. Anyone bother with resolutions this year, or are we all just accepting that we're perfect and don't need to improve any?
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Barked: Sun Jan 5, '14 5:43pm PST 

So far I haven't chewed any socks. shrug
Mom took our tree down today and Big Daddy took the flock tree out to the curb against my advisement because if he doesn't saw off the metal and plastic off the tree, THEY WILL NOT PICK UP THE TREE TO RECYCLE!!!!!

We are breaking the law again! So early in the year too.

I must confess...I'm all about Big Daddy right now. I'm not snuggling wiff mom at all. I'm just next to my dad. I think it's cuz he gives me treats on the side.



Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Thu Jan 9, '14 8:33am PST 
Snuggles with dads are the best. cloud 9 My dad went to freezing Chicago this week. In protest, I pshockshockped in the shower - his favorite place in the house.
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Barked: Thu Jan 9, '14 9:55am PST 
oh no Patan!!! Shower poops! Well at least it's an easy clean up right?

Yesterday mom opened the back door and I slipped through and walked out away from mom. Mom was very upset because I normally don't do that sort of thing BUT ever since I read that Bad Basenji Book!!!!!! I feel it's okay and my right and that no matter what, mom will love me. cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9

Mom has the flu and has been home wiff me since Wednesday but she hasn't the strength to walk me. Dad won't walk me either when he gets home which now makes me not want to snuggle wiff him. I'm snuggling wiff mom in the bed by ourselves while dad sleeps on the couch cuz he doesn't want to get sick.