Secret 'Senji Santa Show and Tell Special

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Barked: Wed Dec 25, '13 10:24am PST 
Our Secret 'Senji Santa was Brady and pack. We had a great time opening up our box. Well, Keyah had fun. I ran around and snarked. red face

Mom says I get a pass though because my thyroid panel came back yesterday and confirmed that I have hypothyroidism, so that explains my grumpiness.

Keyah and I each got a handmade blanket with our names on them. And lots of yummy things to eat. dancingdancingdancing

There was also a Starbucks gift card which was accidentally labeled for Mom, but Keyah knows it's for her.

AND there's some venison jerky which looks homemade. I suspect it's for the hoomans, but I'd sure like to try it.

We have pics. We'll post them on the other site because I think it might be easier since Mom is using her iPhone for everything right now.

What did Santa bring for the rest of you?

I sure hope you were as lucky as we were.

Thanks to Brady and crew!!!! And thanks to all our Bratz pals for another great year. hughughughughug

All for one and- one for all
Barked: Wed Dec 25, '13 11:15am PST 
Our SSS was Melody and the Pack 10. We got the BEST homemade treats EVER! We had to watch to make sure mom didn't steal them. We all got a little snarky if someone came too close while we were eating them! Mom also got a gift card from PetSmart, so we'll be giving her a list as to what to buy for us! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

We will be making personal thank your in a while and posting some pics in a while….mom has to go start baking some stuff.
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Barked: Wed Dec 25, '13 11:19am PST 
That's great! I'm still waiting for Big Daddy to get out of bed! Geeze...gramma cooked ham and we're suppose to be eating by now. I can't wait to see your pics.

Patan sorry about your thyroid being off. I hope the medication gets you back to your fun self. wave

Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Wed Dec 25, '13 9:55pm PST 
Well we opened my presents and boy we got a lot of stuff. We were so happily surprise that Brady and his pack made me a special blanket wiff my name on it. Now Baby J can't steal it away from me. Keyah and Patan thank you for the treats and that bad basenji book. I'm gonna have to read it and learn a few new tricks. Auntie Lynn and the MACZ pack gave me flinging toys that I loved and treats and mom got a special basenji ornament that she's never seen before. Auntie Lynn really knows how to sniff out those special gifts.

We had ham for breakfast! I got some! We had a nice morning/afternoon wiff mom's niece coming and spending it wiff us and the baby. Baby J loved the wrapping paper and her toys that she got.

Mom is going to load up her photos and share them here, but tomorrow she has to work so we'll do it soon.

Thank you all for making this yet again....a great super secret senji santa!

Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Thu Dec 26, '13 7:57am PST 
Keyah beheaded our Basenji ornament. And Mom was really excited about it too. confused

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Barked: Thu Dec 26, '13 7:58am PST 
red facered facered facered facered facered face

Everyone was fussing over and worried for Patan. I got anxious.
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Barked: Thu Dec 26, '13 12:32pm PST 
Keyah, I'll have to check but I think the 2014 naughty list doesn't start until January 1, 2014. That means the beheading won't go against you for next year. Okay?

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Barked: Thu Dec 26, '13 3:01pm PST 
Patan, Mom says the home made deer jerky is made to hooman quality but for us pupsdancing It won't hurt the hoomans if they take a little bite but Mom said something about the tougher cuts of meat being for us.
Keyah, you must share the coffee card wif your mama. I'm sure she will give you somewink
We're glad you all liked the blankies! Senjis can never have too many blankiescloud 9
Our SSS was Levis, Rune and Bella! Al the way from Australiashock
We got some homemade treats that we aaa-LOVED!!! Mom let us spilt one of the doggy candy canes last night and put the rest up for later. Bou kept stealing the bags off of the table and trying to hide themlaugh out loud
Following is a list of the items we received that I personally loved:
The doggy candy cane treatsdancing
The bag of doggy treatsdancing
The stuffed hippodancing
The stuffed girrafedancing
The stuffing in the above mentioned stuffiesdancing
The blue squeeky tailed stuffydancing
The squeeky in said blue tailed squeeky thingydancing
The rope balldancing
Any tags that were on the toysdancing
Any wrapper that might have been in theredancing
And, last but not least, the bag it all came indancing
Thank you very much Levis, Rune and Isabella! We loved everythingcloud 9

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Barked: Thu Dec 26, '13 4:10pm PST 
Well Mom got me and Lucy new collars and she got the boys new dog beds, she said Lucy and I didn't need new beds since we sleep in hers. I was just watching the news with mom and saw that UPS and FEDEX are way behind delivering packages, I hope our Secret senji package is just late and wasn't in the truck that caught fire a couple towns away from us.

Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Thu Dec 26, '13 6:11pm PST 
A truck with prezzies was on fire?!?! eekeekeekeekeek Talker, you better put on your firedog outfit and head out there to investigate.
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