Bratz Tell Us What You Like and Don't Like!

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Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

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Barked: Fri Dec 13, '13 3:41pm PST 
Hmmm I don't like them either. I don't like bread unless it pizza bread and there's cheese and pepperoni on it.

Official- Clothing- Customizer!
Barked: Tue Dec 17, '13 7:02am PST 
Hi pups, we are sorry to be so late posting here. We don't care what we get for S.S.S. So whatever is fine. The only foods that all of us can have is Turkey and pig, but we have plenty of back ups if we get something a couple of people can't have so no worries there. We don't do China, like most here and we love toys.

Keya & Talker, Sparkle does not like bananas either LOLOLOL.

Mommy said our S.S.S. Will got out Wednesday.

We had Farrah here last week with us instead of with J, and mommy said she is a rock climber cause we found her on top of the dog food shelves sleeping like a cat!! Farrah is a handful mommy said!!!! smile

Back soon big love to all, and let's try to keep our dogster group going, mommy said it would be so sad to see it die!!!

We love u guys!!!!

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Barked: Tue Dec 17, '13 5:43pm PST 
Dad says Patan doesn't like oranges. But we won't believe it until we see him refuse one.

Anyone willing to place bets?


Barked: Thu Dec 19, '13 3:13am PST 
I never liked Oranges either but Mama started slipping them in my dinner from time to time, when she had leftovers, and they aren't so bad. I didn't like bananananas either, but I am more open minded now.

I think it is Isabella's influence. She will eat anything. And I am not one to miss out on food!
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