show and tell friday October 25

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Barked: Thu Oct 24, '13 11:27pm PST 
Mom has Autumn fever or something. She's just missing banners so much tonight.

tomorrow she is going to her friend's funeral.

Pawrents hug your puppers tight.


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Barked: Fri Oct 25, '13 7:12am PST 
Momma is stil in the hospital and will be for 2 more weeks. If we do Secret senji Santa we want to participate. send a private message to us on Facebook.

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Barked: Fri Oct 25, '13 6:36pm PST 
I'm sending 'senji luv to Momma Laura 'n' also to Dakini's Mommy. I hope your Mommy, Dakini, is out of the hospital soon!!!hughughug
Lots of Hugshughughugfor you, too, Momma Laura. I hope your stress level goes down real soon. big hug


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Barked: Sat Oct 26, '13 10:34am PST 
So much to barooo about this week...

First of all GET WELL SOON Momma 5 B's! The 5 B's need you home for healing snuggles. And I know Keyah and Dr. Omari are consulting one another on you case. So you'll be in good paws when you get home.

Momma Laura, I wonder who that imposter is?!?!?! There can only be ONE of me. I happen to like myself and I don't want to share myself with someone else.

So this week, while Dad was at home with us the FBI (Federal Bureau of Intense belly rubs) came and raided our building. Keyah was all excited because they came with lots of interesting equipment to do their job. They closed off the streets to our building and six or so cars surrounded our building. They went to the WRONG floor! They didn't visit us at all. We saw them taking some guy away in handcuffs. shrug I guess he was giving had belly rubs. I guess I'm not surprised. Whenever we saw this guy in the elevator, he never petted us. And that's what you supposed to do in elevators. I guess he's being taken in for retraining. Office Talker, if you're the one who reported him...nice work! way to go

Mom's been working like crazy and is exhausted. Plus she got her lower braces on this week and they HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! confusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfused She's not in the best mood. But so far this weekend all she's done is stay in bed which is fine with us.

Sending lots of barooos and 'senji kisses to all of your friends. hug
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Barked: Sat Oct 26, '13 5:10pm PST 
Dakini, you don't worry about our secret senji santa gift exchange. I'll make sure we have your names down. I'm not sure when we'll post it. I guess I'm thinking November 2. This will give everyone a big head start to shop and send.

I hope we get more participants too. I'll make sure that I post a notice also on that OTHER site too so everyone will sign up.

I'll start a thread right now.

Dakini take care of your mom. paw of Justice stretches really far Patan. I had to get that guy out of your building. Scratches and belly rubs are a must!

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Barked: Sat Oct 26, '13 6:44pm PST 
Wow we have missed alot around here. It sounds like many of the pawrents are having a hard time. big hug to everyone that is needing them.

We have had some strange things going on around here too. Mom saw that one of our outside cat friends Finn kitty had what looked like really bad pink eye. So mom took her to the vet and found out that the infection was so bad that so was blind on that eye and she had BAD infection. Well after taking some meds for a week mom took her back to the vet and they removed the eye and spayed her and now Finn is living in the house with us. It's been a week since she had the surgry and she is feeling all better.
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Barked: Sun Oct 27, '13 8:24am PST 
hugor Finn the kitty

We hope everyone gets tons of these hug and things will get better.