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MerryBelle- Noelle Pie- SSW

Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 6:22am PST 
**MERRYcomes into the Doghouse and tidy's it all up in anticipation for her interview with the latest Fur of the Month. Setting some snacks down on the coffee table she hears a knock at the door! **

PERRY!! Welcome !!! Congratulations on being the Doghouse's Fur of the Month for October 2013! We are so happy to have you a member of the group and to come play! You are such a sweet kitty and we love you bunches!! Come in and sit down and get comfy. I have some questions to ask you so we can all learn more about you!

**Merry and PERRY settle on the couch**

Thank you so much fur honoring me as Fur of the month fur October at the Doghouse.!!

You are welcome Perry !!! First question!!

How did you come to live with your family?

I came to live with mom and family when daddy's nephrew wanted to take me to a shelter cause I did not get along with one of the cats that he had and also cause I would do pee pee on his clothing. Mom don't know why I would do it but he did not like it. Mom decided to take me in cause she knew that my fur siblings max and lola liked cats.

What kind of home do you live in and where?

I live in Stockton, California. We have a one story home with lots of space to run around. MOL We also have a nice backyard to relax and chill.

Are you an indoor or outdoor kitty? Which do you prefer?

I'm usually inside kitty but mom lets me out in the back yard to play in the dirt or just sun bath with my fur siblings. I would prefer to be inside though.

Do you get along with Lola and Max?

Yes we get along great. Sometimes mom thinks that I act like a dog. MOL

How did you get your name?

Well my hu-sis thought that perry would be a great name fur me and she got it from Perry the platypus from Phineas & Ferb TV Show. MOL

Are you shy or friendly with people?

I am shy if I don't know the person that comes through our door.

Are you a vocal kitty ?

Oh yes!!!!!!! Mom says I talk too much. Especially late at night. MOL

Do you wear a collar?

Yes I wear a black collar with cute diamonds on it.

Do you like to play with toys? What is your favorite?

I don't play with too much toys but my favorite toy would be my laser light up mouse. I also love to play with Q-tips.

What kind of food do you eat and whats your favorite treat?

Mom feeds me Purina One Smart blend, Indoor Advantage cat food. My favorite treat would be French bread. I loves that stuff. MOL

What is the best thing you like about Catster/Dogster?

The best thing I like about Catster/Dogster is all the great furiends I have met and the fun games we get to play in the groups. Mom also learns about cats in the forums.

How would you describe a perfect day if you could do what YOU wanted to do.

It would be just relaxing and enjoying the great sunny weather. Also get as many birds and play with them.

Now, Describe a typical day?

First in the morning dad lets me out fur a little with my fur siblings and keeps the sliding door open. I come in and eat. Then I run from perch to perch meowing.MOL Take a nice nap. Go outside again. Take a very long nap. Go outside fur a while and enjoy the sun on my fur. Take another nap!!!!!!!! At night I look out the window from my perch to see if I can see another cat or critters.MOL

Do you have a favorite nap spot?

Yes on my perch that daddy made fur me. I loves it.

Are you a Mighty Hunter? If so what do you hunt and have you caught it?

I am a mighty hunter. I caught two mouses and 5 crickets.

Describe your personality?

Very easy going but can be wild at times. MOL I'm very loving and just love to cuddle with my family.

I know kitties like to exercise their claws.. where do you partake in this activity?

On my two perches that daddy made fur me. It has a lot of scratching posts ropes on them.

Do you like to climb? What is the highest spot you have climbed to? Have you ever gotten into a climbing predicament??

The only highest spot that I have climbed is my perch. Its about 8 1/2 feet tall. I don't climb on trees or anything like that. Never have. I have never been in a predicament. MOL

How do you react to cat-nip?

I am not interested in cat-nip. Mom thinks that is really strange. She has bought me stuff with cat-nip and I don't do anything. MOL

If you could write about anything you wanted on Catsters main page what would it be?

The good life with my adopted family.

Do you have any parting words or thoughts?

Just wanted to thank you merry fur chosing me as Fur of the Month on Catster/Dogster. It was such as honor and I'm one happy cat. It was pawsome anwering all the questions and now you all know about me. Thank you again!!!!

It was so nice to learn all about you Perry!! Congratulations once again on being the DOGHOUSE'S FUR OF THE MONTH FOR OCTOBER 2013! We love you sweetie!!! *Merry pins a RIBBON on Perry's collar and a basket of freshly baked FRENCH BREAD !!


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Miss- Pig!
Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 7:19am PST 
Enjoyed reading all about you, Perry! way to go Congratulations! cheer cheer cheer

Sweet & loving- life!
Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 7:25am PST 
Congratulations Perryapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplausepartyparty


Mr. Love Bug!
Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 7:55am PST 
Yahoo Doghouse Fur of the monthhappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance What an honor. I'm one happy kittylaugh out loudlaugh out loud and just look at that French breadshock I loves ithamster dance Thank you Merry and George fur my forever crown and French breadbig hugbig hugbig hug

Thank you so much Cinnamon and Missykissingkissingkissing
Harley- Diva-Girl,CG- C,Therapy D

Fur Diva
Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 10:57am PST 
waveCongrats to you from us gurls Perryparty
Krickette- CGC TDI

Snowbabie from- Idaho
Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 11:15am PST 
Congrats Perry loved reading about you hope you get lots of french toast this special monthway to go enjoy your month handsome boysmilehappy dancehappy dancedancingdancingapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause

The Little Boy- With a Heart of- Gold
Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 12:39pm PST 
cheercheercheercheerCONGRATS PERRY!applauseapplauseapplause

I LOVE your black collar with diamonds! Ohh laa laa! kissing

Mr. Love Bug!
Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 3:08pm PST 
Thank you so much harley, krickette and angel sunnyhappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy danceflowersflowers Mom should take a picture of my collarway to go Its really nicecloud 9 She got it at Target. Every time mom comes home with some french bread I go crazylaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud My fur siblings max and lola love it toolaugh out loudlaugh out loud I think its better than tunabig laughbig laughbig laugh

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Mr. Love Bug!
Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 3:09pm PST 
Oopslaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud
Bailey NWD

Bailey- Blinkerson- Eskiwowow Raiman
Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 5:05pm PST 
Congratulations Perry! I am so happy that you are the Doghouse Fur of the Month!

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