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MerryBelle- Noelle Pie- SSW

Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 10:07am PST 
* MERRY comes into the Doghouse and tidy's it all up in anticipation for her interview with the latest Fur of the Month. Setting some snacks down on the coffee table she hears a knock at the door!*

CINNAMON !!!! Welcome !!! Congratulations on being the Doghouse's Fur of the Month for July 2013! We are so happy to have you a member of the group and to come play! You are such a sweet girl and we love you bunches!! Come in and sit down and get comfy. I have some questions to ask you so we can all learn more about you!

Hello Merry & thank you for the honor!

Your Mom found you online at a rescue site. What was it that made her go see you and ultimately adopt you?

The Rescue site, Abandoned, emailed a pic of me. Mommy could see from that my sweetness & how good & pretty & willing I am to please. And I was already house trained (BOL!) Mommy couldn't believe anyone would ever abandon me - or any pet, for that matter.


Mommy was so very sad & lonely. She didn't leave the house for nearly 2 months because she couldn't walk without Chloe & was dreading the questions from our neighbors & the other dog-owners because we were a "staple" in the neighborhood. She just cried and cried frown

You had been found on the streets of Manhattan. What condition were you in when your Mom saw you for the first time

There's a pic on my page when I was DOTD that Nina made for me. That's what I looked like when I was found. A bit dirty & disheveled but what a tough little cookie I am!

The vet that Abandoned Angels uses said that I was a HEALTHY 3 year old girl - a bit fearful & skittish, which is understandable, but not anymore thanks to Mommy! Mommy took me to her vet & he said to Mommy, I didn't think I'd see you so soon." He & his wife loved me & said I am healthy & such a good girl.

I had been groomed for "my interview." I was just so loving & playful - I kept rolling on my back for belly rubs - during our visit together.

I know how difficult losing Chloe was to your mom. How is she doing now and have you helped in her healing? If so in what way?

Mommy is doing better. At first, she kept going on-line to find a Cocker Spaniel/Labrador mix - which was hard, because there really is only one Chloe. Then she would spend the day crying frown

Sometimes she cries when we see Chloe's puppyhood friends. Chloe was 16! We also try not to walk the same route she walked with Chloe.

I am healing Mommy because I am such a good girl. Mommy loves me so much. Our neighbors say that it's so wonderful that Mommy had enough love in her heart to give to me.

I take my clues from Mommy. If she wants to sleep, I snuggle with her & wait for her to say "Good morning, Cinnamon - wanna eat? Are you hungry?" Then I run into the kitchen excitedly.

Did it take you long to bond with your Mom?

Not at all - I knew she loved me although at first, I did follow her from room to room which made Mommy smile smile. One thing about rescues is that they are so grateful. It makes Mommy cry to think about what my first 3 years might have been like - even one day is too much to think of.

How did you feel finding out that you were Dogster's Dog of the Day! Congratulations to you!!!

I was very overwhelmed. AND HAPPY! It has been such a short time! It was wonderful to be recognized for the special girl that I am & having found such a wonderful new home.

Tell us about where you live?

We live in Brooklyn, New York in Sheepshead Bay, not too far from the beach. There's lots of grass & trees in our immediate area - & SQUIRRELS! I love to chase Squirrels!

How did you get your name?

My markings!

Can you describe your pawsonality??

I am, true to my part mix (Cavalier King Charles) a PRINCESS! I love being petted & pampered & spoiled.

I DO have a bit of a temper when Mommy catches the ball & I don't!

What song best reflects your pawsonality?

I think the song that best describes me is "You are so Beautiful.' But I dunno if I want Joe Cocker singing it BOL!

Are you a good watchdog? How do you get along with people? What about with other dogs?

Yes, I am a good watchdog, much to my neighbor's dismay. One of the reasons that Mommy takes me out for my 5 AM pee pees is that we want to avoid the the NY Times deliveryman who I bark at!

At first, I was very fearful of men! I just barked my head off. I also don't like to be startled (well, WHO DOES?). I used to look for slight dark-haired women & men wearing baseball caps... Mommy assumed I was looking for my former family. But Mommy is my family now! And I am adapting just fine!

I love other dogs!

Since you have been to your new furever home have you been groomed? If so how did you like it?

Yes, I was so docile & good. Mommy couldn't believe it smile

I see you are already a Princess!!! What special priveledges are you granted and how are you pampered bol!!!

I have the run of the house & usually get my way! I love to snuggle with Mommy on MY "3" pillows in the bed & I love being brushed. Even my teeth!

I'm not "a kisser." I lick Mommy's legs (**Mommy interjects..."What is up with THAT???!!!). But I am a pampered little girl smile

What is your favorite thing to do on Dogster?

Being with my furriends! and playing games.

What is a a normal weekday and weekend like in your home. Where does Dogster time fit in?

Normal weekday & weekend is being with Mommy & our friends. I don't like being left alone & of course, being on Dogster time is a great part of our days!

How did your Mom get interested in Dogster?

She read about it in the Thursday New York Times!

Any parting words or final thoughts?

Thank you so very much for recognizing me after such a short period of time. I truly am following in my beloved sister, Chloe's pawsteps!

And thank you Merry for your all of your time & hard work!


Congratulations again Cinnamon for being our FUR OF THE MONTH FOR JULY 2013! You are one special pup and the impact you have made in your Mom's life as well as keeping the music going on Dogster in a short amount of time sure has made many hearts happy! *Merry pins a RIBBON on Cinnamons collar and gives her a BOUQUET OF ROSES*

applausecheerbig hugflowerspartyhugflowerscheerapplauseapplauseway to gohappy dancehugbig hug
Krickette- CGC TDI

Snowbabie from- Idaho
Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 10:29am PST 
Congratulations Cinnamon getting fur of the month for July wishing you the best month ever What a wonderful interview from you & Merry I am sooo glad you and your mommy has been brought together and your in a very loving home furever Enjoy and have a fun month! cheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer Cinnamon you are one sweet and pretty girlbig hug
☯ Romeo- Beau ☯

Bred to SHRED!
Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 11:15am PST 
Aww, Cinnamon you are an amazing girl. I am so happy for you and your Mom. What a pawsome interview and what a wonderful life you and your Mom are going to share. You truly were meant for each other. hughughughugflowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowers


Sweet & loving- life!
Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 12:59pm PST 
Thank you Krickette & RB! I am so excitedhappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance

Chloe's got Mom- wrapped around- her paws
Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 1:11pm PST 
You rock my little sisterkissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissing

I'm a lover not- a fighter
Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 2:24pm PST 
Great interview, so glad you and your Mommy got together.
♥Our- Angel- Lola♥

Loves belly rubs
Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 3:10pm PST 
Congrats Cinnamon on Fur of the Month at Dog House sweetiecheercheercheercheercheercheerflowersflowersflowersflowersflowers What an honor fur ya honey piehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance Love your interview with merrycloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9
♥- George- P.P.Pie- *SHM*

Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 5:26pm PST 
partypartypartybig hugCONGRATULATIONS CINNAMON!!!big hugpartypartyparty

What a GREAT interview!!!hug It is so wonderful to read even more about you!big hug Thank you for doing US the honor of being our Fur of the Month at the Doghouse!happy dancedancinghamster dancebig hugdog walkflowers

Merry what can I say except it just keeps getting better and better!hugkissing It won't be long until you go down into the American Journalist's Hall of Fame!hughugkissingflowersbig hugdog walk

Sweet & loving- life!
Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 6:30pm PST 
Thank you Georgie - it really was MY honorkissing

Counter surfers- get more snacks.
Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 8:12pm PST 
Congrats Cinnamon cheercheercheercheer
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