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MerryBelle- Noelle Pie- SSW

Barked: Tue May 1, '12 2:52pm PST 
*MERRY is in the Doghouse and goes into the Corporate Office. She logs on to her computer as she is going to be interviewing the latest Fur of the Month via Video Chat! At the determined hour she brings up the chat and there he is.....* CHARLIE!!! Congratulations!! You are the Doghouses Fur of the Month for May 2012! We are so happy to have you and your family as part of our Doghouse family!!!

Thank you for selecting me Merry!

CHARLIE, I have a few questions to ask you so lets get started!

How did you come to live in your furever home?

One of mommy's neighbors had puppies and he noticed that mommy was burying one of her dogs (Teddy). He asked mommy if she wanted on of his puppies and she could not resist my big smile.

What type of home and community do you live in?

We live in a mobile home park in a small town in North Texas, a small town along the Red River. In the early 1900s, Burkburnett was world famous as the center of a gigantic oil boom. At the suggestions of Teddy Roosevelt, the town was named for his wolf hunt host, Burk Burnett. My town is Burkburnett and it was featured in the movie "Boomtown" with Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy. The film was actually made in our town. Our town's nickname is still "Boomtown".

I know your area of the country gets many storms. How do you react when there is a storm?

I am not afraid of storms, but I don't like to go outside when it is raining, mommy has to push me outside.

Who are the special people in your life?

I only have a mommy so I guess it would be her.

How do you get along with Abbie and Toto? What did you do when they came to live in your house?

I don't get along very good at all with Abbie, but Toto and I get along ok. When Abbie joined the home, she immediately took over as the Alpha dog. Mommy has to often remind her who the real boss of the house. Toto and I have always gotten along.

You are part poodle and cocker spaniel. Do you require any special grooming? Do you like to get a bath or getting your muddy feet washed? What about your nails and ears?

I have the poodle fur which is hard to brush. I get groomed every six weeks. I don't like my feet messed with so when mommy has to wash my feet I tend to snap at her. I hate my nails trimmed and the groomer has to often put a muzzle on me so she can trim my nails and the long fur on my bottom of my feet. I have problem ears and I often have to have medicine put in my ears which I hate.

Are you on a special diet? Does your mom cook for you and Abbie and Toto?

I am not on a special diet, but mommy buys premium food for us and sometimes she makes homemade goodies for us. I counter surf sometimes, but I am not as bad as Abbie.

How did your Mom find Dogster?

Mommy just happened to stumble onto Dogster, she liked it and we have been active ever since.

I see that you like to wear bandanas. Do you have a favorite?

I don't have a favorite, but I love them.

Tell us about the daily routine in your house? What's your favorite time of day?

Well on week days, mommy has work so I sleep most of the time. My best time of the day is when mommy gets home from work. I also love my walks.

What is your favorite toy? What about your favorite game?

I really don't play with toys much anymore, but I sometimes will play fetch with mommy if I am in the mood, after all I am 15 years old.

I read that you tend to be a whiner. Does that help you in getting what you want? Does your mom finally understand what you are asking?

I whine at night mostly, when it is time for me to go to bed I want under the covers. Mommy seems to know most of the whines, sometimes she can't figure out what I want.

According to things I have read in your diary.. you can be a bit sneaky and have taught Abbie and Toto how to be too. What did you do that was naughty?

I can sneak goodies off the counter, dressers, or table. I have been known to open up drawers and help myself to the dog goodies until mommy moved them to canisters on top of the book shelf. I can also open up the doors by using my mouth to turn the knobs. I also like to flip dog food bowls and water bowls if they have something in them I don't like.

I know now you need to eat smaller treats but when you could have them you would do anything for a Milk Bone. What was the most clever thing you did in trying to get one?

I jumped up and snatch treats out of mommy's hand before she can give a treat to Abbie or Toto.

What are the sleeping arrangements in your house?

All three of us sleep on the bed and we have our own place on the bed.

How did you get your name?

When I was a puppy, mommy thought that my very rounded head reminded her of Charlie Brown's round head.

Please describe your pawsonality

I used to be super hyper, but I am starting to really slow down. I am becoming more demanding. Mommy tells me that I am very intelligent and I am very friendly.

Tell us your most endearing quality...what about your worst?

I am friendly to everybody; I don't know any enemies except maybe Abbie. My worst is the fact I don't like my feet touch and I will nip at anybody that touches them.

Now that you are older does your mom spoil you?

I have always been spoiled, but now mommy makes sure that I have time away from Abbie when she is in one of her bad moods. That often means extra walks with mommy.

I see you recently had a dental and still have all of your teeth! That is wonderful. What do you attribute that too?

Mommy buys us premium food and she adds stuff to our drinking water for plaque. She also has my teeth cleaned yearly.

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

One time mommy bought a new blanket for her bed but she said when I saw it that the way I looked I must have thought it was for my bed and she let me have it. I loved that blanket until meanie Abbie destroyed it. I was very upset when mommy has to throw it away. She let me have a big piece of it for a little while.

I know you have arthritis. What does your mom give you for it?

I take glucosamine & chondroitin supplement, Tramadol, and Deramaxx.

How do you get along with other pups? What about people?

I get alone with everybody except Abbie. I love meeting people and other animals except for maybe cats.

Did you ever meet any of your Dogster pals in the fur?

I have not met any Dogster pals in person.

What do you think is the most important thing you have learned in your life?

Never beg at the kitchen table it gets me in big trouble.

Do you have any parting words or final thoughts?

Thank you for the honor of being the member of the month.

Congratulations once again CHARLIE we are so happy to have you as our Fur of the Month for May 2012!

*Merry pins a RIBBON on him and gives him a gift a COZY BED

happy dancedancingcheerapplauseapplauseapplauseapplausepartypartyapplauseapplauseapplausecheer:dancinghappy dance

Mommy's Angel
Barked: Tue May 1, '12 3:00pm PST 
Wow! Thanks for the honor

cloud 9
♥- George- P.P.Pie- *SHM*

Barked: Tue May 1, '12 3:51pm PST 
applauseapplauseapplauseCharlie what a wonderful choice for Fur of the Month here at the Doghouse! Way to go buddy!hughugparty It's YOUR month to shine!happy dancehappy dancehamster dance Thank you for doing us the honor, we are so very happy you said yes!way to goflowersdog walk




hamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dance|/h/ |hamster dancehamster dance

Merry as always a pawsome interview!hugkissingkissing The best of the best!way to gohugkissing


Chloe's got Mom- wrapped around- her paws
Barked: Tue May 1, '12 4:24pm PST 
CHARLIE - Congratsapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause

Wolfman sez- -Summer Rocks!!!
Barked: Tue May 1, '12 4:38pm PST 
snoopy Way to Go Charlie!!snoopy

Welcome to the club!!hamster dance
Cailey Mae

Dance like- there's no- tomorrow
Barked: Tue May 1, '12 4:56pm PST 
*Does the pommie happy dance*


What a special honor for the sweetest pal ever! Loved reading all about you and how darn cute is that...doggie video chat....love it!

Enjoy the honor and we will make sure that Abbie and Toto spoil you for the whole month just like mom will be!

Cailey Mae and Kobe

I love to- FRAP
Barked: Tue May 1, '12 6:49pm PST 
cheer happy dance Congratulations Charlie! happy dance cheer

I sure enjoyed reading all about you! I love how you're able to open drawers and help yourself to the treats!! You must teach me that one! big grin

Sunbeam- Maven
Barked: Tue May 1, '12 7:09pm PST 
applausedancingcheerway to gohappy dancesnoopypartysnoopyhappy danceway to gocheerdancingapplause


applausedancingcheerway to gohappy dancesnoopypartysnoopyhappy danceway to gocheerdancingapplause

Mommy's Angel
Barked: Tue May 1, '12 7:24pm PST 
Thank you everybody cloud 9
Harley- Diva-Girl,CG- C,Therapy D

Fur Diva
Barked: Tue May 1, '12 8:02pm PST 
waveCongrats to you Charlieparty
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