Julie and the San Luis Obisbo cats-they need purrs and earth angels

Orange Ruffy

The Baboo Kitty- has Spoken!
Barked: Wed Feb 29, '12 9:05am PST 
Dear all,
I'm not one for drama, but this is something i'm very worried about. Julie is a lady in San Luis Obisbo. Some may know her cats-Tiny Dancer is one.
Julie's landlord is in foreclosure. Shes being evicted, and has no where to go. She started off with 10 cats, and has been able to find places for some of them. We can't imagine how this feels, except probably very bad.
We are requesting purrs, helping hands from any Cali kits and their folks to reach out to Julie. She is looking for pet friendly housing. We scared some listings up, but we're in NY, so our usefulness is limited.
We are sending purrs, prayers, and power of the paw.

If anyone can do more...or just let her know she's being thought of, do.

Art Blakely has been posting in his diary about the situation.