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Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 11:18am PST 
I have been involved in rescuing animals all of my life. When I lived in the country, many people would just bring their dogs or cats to the area I lived and drop them off. They became stray, hungry and out of their comfort zone. My family always kept dog and cat food available because the number of feral dogs and cats would increase until someone would offer to take one home.

I now volunteer with the Dachshund Rescue of Houston and I see a sad side of rescue that tears even the strongest of hearts down. Cruelty seizures, abused-then-abandoned as strays, breeder dumps and owner turn ins are just a few reasons a dog might need a temporary home until a forever home can be found. This rescue group rarely turns away any dachshund, and i would certainly hate to make that call. That is why foster homes are in such great demand. You can foster for a few days, as in holiday relief. You can foster until the dog is adopted, or you can help with transport from one place to another. Sometimes medical transport is necessary, as this group fully vets these dogs with dental, shots, and heart worm treatments if necessary.

I adopted 4 and foster 1 of the Dachshund Rescue of Houston's cuties. Their page is here. It is a work in progress to tell about the life they have now and how a first, second, or third home can be a blessing.
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