What does your Doberman eat?


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Barked: Thu Aug 25, '11 5:24pm PST 
What do you feed your Doberman? Why do you feed that food?

Barked: Wed Sep 7, '11 3:42pm PST 
Harley eats Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice for large breed puppies. We also give him treats to help with the hip and joints.

Him having Kimbertal and other larger lines in him he will be a bit bigger than he is now.
Elka, NTD

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Barked: Wed Sep 7, '11 3:49pm PST 
Elka eats Taste of the Wild Wetlands formula.

I feed it because it's a good quality food (6 stars on Dog Food Analysis), unique proteins, and she seems to do very well on it. When I got the little bag to try it out, she went bonkers for it, seemed to love it more than any other kibble we've used. She's got good energy, and she's nice and shiny.


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Barked: Wed Sep 7, '11 6:33pm PST 
Mocha eats Nutro Natural Choice, Lamb & Rice, Large breed formula. I originally was going to feed her Nutro Max, however, it seems they were out of it, because it's getting a new package. Anyway, I got her the Nutro Natural Choice, and she does great with it....and she LIKES it!

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Barked: Wed Sep 7, '11 11:14pm PST 
my dobe eats royal canin junior maxi as it is the only good quality food available in india and its showing me the good response apart from that i feed her chicken boiled esply the breast part and sometimes the liver and meat chunks cooked in sauce or the liver alone...i also feed her the rawhide sticks as the treat sometimes...and biscuits as the reward.....