All Furfriends Hit By Storms

Angel Boy- Adam- ChewbaccaNPC

Nothing is too- big for me Love- Roxie
Barked: Wed Apr 27, '11 4:27pm PST 
If yous had any of de bad storms or tornados hit close to yous please check in and let us know yous and yous family is OK. Mes worried bout Smomkey and mes sweet Foxie Roxie since Alabama got hit hard by multible tornados. Not knowing de town dems moved to mes can not look at de map to see if it was close. Mommy said mes can not watch de news cause mes worrys too much.
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Adam Chewbacca
Patches- Marie- Bush-Bowers

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Barked: Thu Apr 28, '11 10:09pm PST 
Adam I saw in another group that Smokey, Ralph and their family are doing okay. The storms did not directly hit their area.
We are purring for those who have been.

Angel Boy- Adam- ChewbaccaNPC

Nothing is too- big for me Love- Roxie
Barked: Fri Apr 29, '11 12:06pm PST 
Yep if it sad dat so many have lost loved one and everything dems owned. Mommy gots friends who live in Ohio close to de Ohio River so her trying to make sure dmes is ok too. wes also gots friends in North West Texas close to wher de wildfires haff been and a friend who was close to de one dat hit Oak Hill Texas a couple of weeks ago. Hers gots family near de Fort Worth and Dallas area. So far wes not in any danger of any fires getting close to here but anything could start one even a lightning strike. Wes in a major drought stage here and under red alert status on de Burn Ban.
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Adam Chewbacca

Flora Angel- Cat

At The Rainbow- Bridge
Barked: Sat Apr 30, '11 7:47pm PST 
Hi Adam,
This is a good place for furfriends to check in. Thank You. My
Smokey lives with his family in southern Alabama. They are right
near the gulf and, fortunately, were not in the path of the tornados.
Our hearts go out to each and every fur and human that was in the
path of these terrible storms.

Sincerely,___________Flora Angel Cat

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Mr. Smokey- Bowers

DJ of The Alley- Cats!
Barked: Sun May 1, '11 8:43pm PST 
Yes we are ok!
Angel Boy- Adam- ChewbaccaNPC

Nothing is too- big for me Love- Roxie
Barked: Tue May 3, '11 2:54pm PST 
Glad no furfriends was close to de bad storms evfin if mommy did say mes caused dems with mes rain dance. we had sum smoke frum wildfires close by but nothing close to here. De wind blew a lot of de Smoke frum de Oak Hill Texas fire towards us so made me cough a lot and mommy had breathig troubles as well. De big one in North West Texas as well as de Crop buning in Mexico is blowing smoke our way as well but not as bad now. Mommy is really sad cause a lot of de homes in Oak Hill were really nice looking and were built 30 year or more ago. Hers is nervous about leaving me home alone now cause wes is under a stage three drought and High level burn ban almost de intire Central Texas area is in red fur threats of wildfires starting and Sunday night der was a buch of college kids all around Central Texas shooting off fireworks after dems said Osama Bin Laden had been shot. Mommy said just paaaaaawty but leave de fireworks out of it. Mes thought dis was de best way fur evfuryfur to keep updated on what is happening wiff de storms and fires.
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Adam Chewbacca