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Mom Mom
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 11:25am PST 
You'll arrive in New York Friday afternoon on June 10. Where you'll be taking to lunch at Zabar Deli. Try the white fish you'll be glad you did. Your bag will be take to the hotel and unpaked for you. You will be staying at The Garden City Hotel
Since 1874, The Garden City Hotel has offered spacious guest rooms and luxurious suites to discriminating travelers. The Garen City Hotel is a stylish and elegant presence among Long Island hotels.

Garden City and Floral Park will celebrate the final leg of the Triple Crown with the return of the Belmont Festival on Friday, June 10. Each village will hold its annual celebration honoring the Belmont Stakes on the eve of its 143rd running.
The Garden City Belmont Festival will take place on Seventh Street from 6-10 p.m. and will feature entertainment, live music, family-friendly activities and a chicken wing contest. There a race at belmont on friday night. Will be there with dinner and drinks. Please join us.

Mom Mom
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 11:44am PST 
Saturday morning where bring a little of the burgh (Pittsburgh) that is to The Garden City Hotel in the Atrium Cafe where you enjoy great food and drinks from The line should be out the door.

For the 143rd running of the Belmont Stakes, the 1½-mile “Test of the Champion,” the longest and final leg of thoroughbred racing’s Triple Crown for three-year-olds.

You'll be there live watching the race from the Belmont Cafe
Where you get Private dining area located on the first floor of the Clubhouse. Private dining area located on the first floor of the Clubhouse Gourmet hot & cold buffet and cash bar still working ont his Close proximity to restrooms and betting windows.
Later on that night the wedding of Jan & Gomer will take place in the In Festival Tent
( Climate-controlled ) tents. Where the fines of BBQ will be served this of the mississippi. Dont miss out. See you at wedding.

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Mom Mom
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Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 3:45am PST 
WOW!!!!!! Such a classy place, I can't wait. Plus, I love horse racing.
Gomer- Puggins

I'm goin' for it
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 9:07am PST 
Wow weee looks like we gonna be uptown doggiessnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy

Mom Mom
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 1:33pm PST 
cheercheercheer Uptown dogs cheercheercheercheer
Bailey NWD

Bailey- Blinkerson- Eskiwowow Raiman
Barked: Wed Apr 27, '11 5:27am PST 
Duncan and I will need a room and a connecting room for Monty and Harley Nicole.

I have to go find Monty!shock

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Barked: Wed Apr 27, '11 7:33am PST 
monty were monty have not see him since the last cruiseshockshockshockshockshockshock
Angel Coty- **CLF**

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Barked: Wed Apr 27, '11 2:34pm PST 
Fancy and I will need a giant penthouse suite complete with staff winkbig grinbig grinbig grin
Lacy NPC

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Barked: Wed Apr 27, '11 4:21pm PST 
i'll get right on it. Is it suite with the pool running throw it.
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