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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 8:54am PST 
Greetings my friends
yes I meow friends. We have quite a few, and it breaks my old heart to know that there are furs out there cannot meow that. It breaks my old heart to go to a diary and read a furs thoughts and then see that NO ONE commented. Or just one..Come on! That is a hurtful and sad feeling to know.
On to my next thoughts. Angel furs. Mama got a pawmail awhile back from a cat we asked to be friends. That cat had many angels in their clowder. They were so happy that we asked their angels for a paw in friendship, saying so many who request friendship leave out the angels! OMC! why? So DO NOT leave out angels when sending friend invites. Those little furs are loved and need pals too! I have many thoughts but this is good now. as Chef has meowed this group is open, and if you feel you will make a good administrator we will make you thus, but you will work for it! I will make sure of that..MOL!
So feel free to add topics and bear in mind, Purr It Forward is not s support group, not an advice group, not a place to bicker. If you feel a fur is in need of a support group, or a place to play, you may SUGGEST a group to the fur in question. Chef and I am all for cross posting those groups, but only groups of support and fun!
Now get out there my friends and Purr it Forward.

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Tabby Little

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 8:15pm PST 
way to go Great idea. I like havin' friends and sometimes I need support. I know there is furs needing this too! Thanks, and many in my furmily do too. So I like being here and anything to do to help out, just ask me, okay?big grinhappy dance

Barked: Tue Apr 19, '11 8:44am PST 
We love our friends...and we love to make new friends. That's what this group does! We have made many new friends. Love it! dancingcheerhappy dance


The Bugster
Barked: Wed Apr 20, '11 10:36pm PST 
This is such a good idea my friend.
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Barked: Thu Jul 19, '12 6:43pm PST 
Bumping up this thread. way to go

I am so excited to see activity in our group again! I think Loki's words have great meaning and remind us of what's important about our group and Catster in general. hug


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