Merry Christmas!


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Barked: Sat Dec 11, '10 8:01pm PST 
Jasmine and I want to wish all our fellow doodles and their families a Merry Christmas. It seems life has been busy for most of us, as there are not any posts on here. After the new year, maybe things will pick up. Have a safe and happy holiday. Doodle Kisses from the Jersey Girls hug

Barked: Wed Dec 15, '10 12:17am PST 
hey there....merry christmas back at everyone. mom went on vacation, then got the bug, she's feeling better, but behind on everything. shrug we have plenty of snow to play with and hopefully we'll get our tree soon....snoopy. this doodle's life is grand, hope everyone else is doing well

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Barked: Thu Dec 16, '10 7:16am PST 
Merry Christmas everyone! Still trying to get use to the new puppy - he drives me crazy! I agree with Jasmine - maybe next year we can get the group back up and running again! Hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday! Love Shelby, JD, Shania & Momdog

Groucho Too

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Barked: Mon Jan 3, '11 3:46pm PST 
Aw Jersey, love your jammies. I'll bet you are having all kinds of fun in the snow.