santa's village and post office

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Definitley not- caffeine free
Barked: Tue Dec 7, '10 6:33am PST 
all these letters are so good! Molly Mae, my mom didn't know doggies lose their baby teeth! I must've swallowed mine in my sleep laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud
Amazing- Gracie

Proof that God- has a sense of- humor
Barked: Tue Dec 7, '10 8:32am PST 
Hey you all. I think Marilyn wrote a really nice letter to Santa and she isn't ever bad either! And she wasn't selfish 'bout what she wantedshock

Maybe we need to rethink our lettersthinking
Maybe we'll gits more stuff if we writes and asks fer things fer other doggies and not ourselves den he'd think we were all really really goodlaugh out loud

Her motto is
Barked: Tue Dec 7, '10 11:01am PST 
sniff, sniff [piloux has tears in her eyes]

That was a beautiful letter MM. Just beautiful


Little Tuff- Hurricane Buster
Barked: Tue Dec 7, '10 4:56pm PST 
I bet all of our mommys thiks we been good all year....after all they are very forgetful at least mine they thik we have been good all year all and cannt do a thing wrong...
★- Marilyn- Monroe - ★

Moo Moo-
Barked: Tue Dec 7, '10 5:49pm PST 
All you have to do when your bad is give the sad puppy face frown laugh out loud

Her motto is
Barked: Wed Dec 8, '10 9:35am PST 
MM, does Santa fall for the sad puppy face too?little angellittle angellittle angel
♦ Babs- ♦

Porky- Chop
Barked: Wed Dec 8, '10 8:58pm PST 
Pretty sure he does Piloux, or else I would never get prezzies winklittle angellaugh out loud

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♥Whee- zer♥

It\\\\\\\'s all- about me
Barked: Thu Dec 9, '10 12:31am PST 
Babsbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh
Brandy- (1995-2012)

Luv to bark !
Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 6:07am PST 
Dear Santa, I thik I have been pretty good this year considering having to put up with my brother and sister.

My list is pretty short and I dont need much but I would like Peanut Butter Cookies and soft jerky stiks.

cloud 9cloud 9
And if you could find a orange fuzzy carrot that squeaks, I would luv to have a couple of those.

But most of all Santa I would like for you to find homes for all of the pups and kittens that need and deserve a furever home with luving mommys and daddys. cloud 9cloud 9

I will even share my peanut butter cookies with yousnoopy

Her motto is
Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 10:19am PST 
I got a great idea last night. I have been a bit naughty this year, but my best-friend-sister Lily has been really good, so I can just add to her letter and trick Santa. Is tricking Santa naughty? What if you don't get caught. I better go get Lily and some stuff to write with.
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