Puggy Question


Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 4:32am PST 
Does anyone else have a fairly thin pug? I do. I am looking for suggestions on harnesses that Tessa will not be able to squirm out of. A few weeks ago she was able to get out of her harness and was on the run for about 10 hours. I know her run was due to being in heat and I still have no way of knowing if anything happened while loose. Any and all suggestions would be wonderful!
~Tessa's mommy, Katrina

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Barked: Wed Oct 6, '10 4:14am PST 
I've never encountered that problem with my girls. I know they make harnesses that look pretty unescapable. I'd google "dog harness" and see what you can find. I saw one that's called "comfort harness" and it looks like something you may want to check out.