Grand Canyon - Here we come!

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Life is good!
Barked: Tue May 11, '10 6:56pm PST 
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Whoooppppeeeee! Grand Canyon for the 4th of July. Where shall we start??
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Groucho Too

Make use of that- free hand- scratch me!
Barked: Wed May 12, '10 8:28am PST 
Buddy and China will be 9 years old on June 28th. Now that is something to celebrate (besides the Fourth of July). Wasn't it Buddy who saved us all when the boat overturned last summer?
Are you all ready to go rafting on the Colorado River? There are lots of places to put in so where do we want to hop into the river? shrug hug

What's your's is- mine!
Barked: Thu May 13, '10 5:33am PST 
We are having a PAWTEE!!! Pack your bags and get on the Pawtee RV! Rosie wants to drive (fortunately, we will have Bud and China with us, just in case her driving is scary - but don't her that!) We will bring along lots of Frosty Paws . . . we have done this before . . . so we KNOW how to PACK!!! So, all you new Doodles, let's go . . . let us know where you want us to pick you up!!!

Shelby PawteeDoodle


Life is good!
Barked: Thu May 13, '10 4:20pm PST 
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Starting to get a plan together. So there is an RV coming from the East Coast and Groucho Too is bringing his surf wagon from the West Coast. It is so much more fun if all the doodles get together to start a pawtee out right! Do you think Groucho should be able to bring a surf board??? And how about the south? Are there any doodles coming from Texas, Florida, or other points in the south? Arizona doodles have it made - they are there already and would probably like to escape the heat by hitting the water in the canyon.

To Know Me Is To- Love Me
Barked: Tue May 18, '10 4:34pm PST 
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I'll be there!hamster dance I'll be comin from Western Washington so if anyone needs a ride let me know! Mom & Dad went to the Grand Canyon before I was born so now it's MY TURN! I'm trying to figure out how to attach a box to my kite to see if I could fly down to the river so if anyone has any ideas let me know!

Barked: Tue May 18, '10 10:05pm PST 
rio and i are in. rio's 6th woofday is on july 4th. she thinks it would be cool to celebrate by walking out on that see through sky bridge in the canyon. shouldn't be too scarey for her being blind and all...personally, i think i'll freak out on that one. my mom is scared of heights so i'm supposed to avoid them. i'll bring some salmon covered moose alaskan delicacy!!

Calm and sweet- girl to all.
Barked: Mon May 24, '10 3:17pm PST 
Hey Dandi, we'll finally get to play with you! Count us Jersey Girls in too. We have to be back by the 10th, as we are going on vacation with Mom and Dad. Jersey 3rd and Jessie's 13th birthday is July 10th. Of course Jess will be our guardian angellittle angel We have never been to the Grand Canyon, wherever there is water, we'll be happy.dancing Can't wait! blue dog happy dance hamster dance

To Know Me Is To- Love Me
Barked: Wed May 26, '10 11:01pm PST 
Glad you Jersey girls will be there. Hey you wanna help fly my kite? I can't wait to see everyone. Mom said I can bring little smokeys and tons of boneless chicken wings...don't want no one to choke!shock

Angel Face
Barked: Thu May 27, '10 5:10am PST 
HI Guys, we're on board..we're just going to go home real quick on July 5th for momma's bday..but momma bought forms to make us frosty paws that look like doggie, we'll be packing tons and tons of those.

Life is good!
Barked: Thu May 27, '10 3:46pm PST 
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It's pawtee time again. Shelby, Rosie, Buddy, and China are all coming in the RV from the East Coast. Jasmine and Jersey - you want to catch a ride with them? And, Dandi, have you checked with NW Gus and his sister to see if they want to hook up with you? It is so much more fun with a group. Blossom, see if you can get down here and come with us in Groucho Too's surf woodie. He definitely knows the way to the Grand Canyon. We kinda like the rafting trip with the Native Americans out of Peach Springs on Hwy. 66. Gotta make a stop at the skyway over the canyon. And then on to Las Vegas? happy dance dancing
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