Anypup around


Barked: Sun Nov 8, '09 7:09am PST 
Where is everypup and kitty?
Emmy Lou

Dreams of being- a Purina taste- tester
Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 1:25pm PST 
Hi, Me (Emmy Lou) and Molly Ann, we are outside trying to soak up the last of the sunshine. Winter is getting closer, and we can't go out as much. See ya later.
Takoda CGC

Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 3:58pm PST 
Hi, Glad you have some sunshine to soak up, we have had about 6, or more, inches of rain the past three days and it's still raining. Going to start working on the Ark tomorrow. BOL

We just joined, I'm blind and have Diabetes Insipidus, and were wondering how active this group is.

Take care and enjoy life


Barked: Sun Dec 27, '09 4:24pm PST 
We used to be pretty active, but no pup is around much anymore. frown
Zipper CGC

Rub my belly
Barked: Mon Feb 15, '10 6:37pm PST 
We're around, the humans have been very busy with work. Zipper nos longer needs medication to keep his bladder straight, we are excited about that, although the pills he once needed his sissy pitbull needs now, her hormones are off.
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