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Rub my tummy
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 7:36am PST 
Thank you for telling me it was a regular email, Mom found it.

Now she says the email says it can take 14 weeks, that's four months to get it. Has anyone gotten theirs. Mom can't wait four months we will suffocate by then. LOL

Also did you get the free allergy kit when you ordered? Mom said she put the code in and the allergy kit disappeared from the sales cart. Do they not give you the free kit with our promotion?

Sorry for all the questions, but money is tight and Mom has to know what she's getting and when it would arrive.

Thanks for putting up with her.

Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 11:18am PST 
Is anyone having a problem placing an order through dyson & using the promo code??

My order will not go through frown
☠- Trixie- ☠

Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 3:01pm PST 
shrugOur email must've bounced, Mom searched for codes high and low! Oh well, it's a nice gesture! Enjoy you're vacuums folks!cheer
Maybe some day...big grin


Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 3:44pm PST 
Hi Snowball,

Sorry for the trouble! Give Dyson a call (866-MY-DYSON) and I'm sure they'll do their best to help you out.

Also, don't worry - the vacuums usually ship in 5-10 business days, so your mom shouldn't have to wait too long to start cleaning up all your fur!
Murray DB- #36a

Got Tuna?
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 8:17pm PST 
Yes, Boogers and my family both noticed that the free kit disappeared when our promo codes went in. What's up with that???

Nap while you- can
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 10:55pm PST 
I didn't get my code!! I don't have my code. What is my code?

This is a conspiracy. See my diary for details. Be careful I warning yous!!!

Rub my tummy
Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 6:43am PST 
Mom did call Dyson yesterday about the free allergy kit disapearing when the promo code was put in and about the 14 week possible delivery time. Dyson said the free kit shouldn't have disappeared and didn't know about the 14 week delivery time, she said it seemed strange to her. However, she said all this is being handled by someone at Catster so she gave me the catster phone number to call 415-934-0400, she called but got an answerng machine and left our phone number and our questions on the machine. No one from Catster called or emailed us yet. Can someone from Catster tell me what's going on. Don't know who to turn to next as Dyson said they aren't handling this promotion and someone at Catster is, but Catster isn't responding. Sorry for long post just spent hours yesterday and still no answers. HELP


Ingen--lost and- then FOUND!
Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 6:50am PST 
My name is Ingen. I have 2 "adopted" cat parents cuz I am the baby kitty. We also have a puppy, that darn Bear, in my house. Check out my page and you will see why we have a dyson. Jen says it works great but WE don't like it anyways.kittysnoopy
The Bakker- Basset- Hounds

Divide and- Conquer
Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 6:54am PST 
Hi All,
We are the Bakker Basset Hounds, 5 in all, and we create alot of hair and havoc!
Our Mom and Dad bought a Dyson Animal when we were only 2 strong, so now with 5 of us, it really gets a workout.
We are not afraid of the Animal, in fact a couple of us would really like to ride on it and another one or us, Moe, would like to know exactly how it works.
Thank goodness for the Animal keeping our digs nice and clean.
Barks to all our friends at Dogster!

Puppy Prodigy

Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 8:18am PST 
Hi, I'm Rondo and I have single-handedly killed countless of those evil sucking machines.

Then Mommy got a Dyson, and....well, I still shed like crazy, but you can't tell anymore. That kind of makes me grumpy, honestly, but whatever. Mommy is happy, and when Mommy is happy (and saving money by not purchasing a vacuum every 2 months) then Rondo gets more Himalayan dog chews. And that's what really matters in life.

wave everyone!!
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