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Jiro - CGC

Hello I am Jiro- & I am Happy to- be here!
Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 10:18am PST 
Arooo! Thanks for inviting me and my brofur to join the group. Mom drools over the Dysons all the time. We're not in the market for a new vacuum yet but maybe one day we'll have a Dyson smile
KuJu Ku

Bobtails Rule!
Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 10:32am PST 
Hi Effuryone, my name is KuJu Ku and my sisfur is Kyande Kisu, we are japanese bobtail kitties. We dont shed alot, but mom likes to keep our place as tidy as possible and hair free.. (the allergens arent good for the asthmatic hooman brother) Buttttt we dont have a Dyson but are planning on getting one real soon.

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Lean Mean Mind- Blowing Machine
Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 12:07pm PST 
Hey guys, I'm Titan. I'm a German Shepherd so I shed A LOT and all year round. I live with a Miniature Schnauzer (Pepper) who doesn't really shed and my best buddy Lenny the American Pit Bull Terrier. Lenny sheds some. So does my cat buddy, Peace. It gets pretty hairy around here, but I must say the Dyson Animal does indeed pick it all up and more that we didn't know was there. It can actually get all of the hair (and did I mention tons of dirt and dust that appears in the canister?). My owner would recommend using the Dyson Animal along with the Furminator if you have 2 coat layers. I don't know what some of you are scared of... Vacuums don't bother us. Bark at you later!

Angel Soc- Dreamboat- #56

sir soc because- he thinks hes- the boss
Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 2:53pm PST 
Hello my name is Soc, i shed furr a lot and mommy just gets out the dyson and WOOSH its gone, my brofur Toby and sisfur Taffy shed fur too so the dyson is kept well busy, Taffy likes to sit on the front of the dyson when mommy is not using itxcheercheercheercheercheer
H&E A- Pair-A-Dox

Double- Trouble/Double- Love
Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 4:14am PST 
Hi wavewavewavewave We aren't super shedders but our long haired Chi cousin is and when she stays with really affects moms allergies!! Hoping to get a Dyson is saving!! Her friend has one and mom loves them!
Checkers- 1994-2009

Mama's Angel- 1994-2009
Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 4:53am PST 
wavewave Hi everyfur! I am Checkers and mama has been wanting to get a Dyson for a while now...this just may be the thing to tip the scale and finally do it. way to go

Fancy's #1- Beagle.
Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 5:43am PST 
Hi Lucy & new friends!! I'm Baron! I have a brother Henry & a kitty CG! Mom wants to get a Dyson.!!way to go

Born to please.
Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 10:16am PST 
Hi,, I am Coco. My mom has the purple animal dyson. It is 5 years old and works really good. She just ordered the new one through this group and can't wait to get it. Our old one will go in the laundry room for my cat sister's hair. She really loses a lot. Me and Scooter shed too, well we are Corgis and the undercoat has to go somewhere. Mom says Dyson is the best money she ever spent on a vacuum and she has had many different brands. Dyson is great. My dad likes it too since he has asthma and does not like pet hair.
Daisy Mae

I see ya- wiff my- nose..!!
Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 11:45am PST 
wavewavewave red facered face Da hairy, stinky, houndy dog here...laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

Yeah well between my sis fur and I..well lets just say we keep mom in an upright position with the Dyson whirling ..Ohhh just about everyday..hehehehe

Oh and bags full of hair and yuck..heheheh We both think that mom is a bit obsessive but it keeps my skin brothers allergies at bay..

That dyson sucks up just about anything..and then some..hail

I'm the Smart- one who talks!
Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 3:14pm PST 
My turn! Wulf got to ask the question, but I'm going to bark about Mom's purple monster. That thing is horrible. If it sucks up all the hair and other things like sticks and grass, what will it do to my tailshock She adores this thing. Our beds aren't even safefrown We just stay outside until she's done. That thing creates puppies! and then she throws them outside in the driveway. The barn swallows sure like our fur. You should see those nestsshock I just hope no one tells her where to find the code for signing up with this groupwink
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