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Eternally in- love with- Katie...
Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 6:01pm PST 
Hi! wavewave I'm Webster, and I shed all over, all the time. red facered face So does my dog brother Ringo, and my cat brother Dusty the Puppycat! So we have it all, the long hair, the short hair, the coarse hair and the fine hair. But the Dyson Animal RULES! It is definitely the Alpha Dog of the vacuum cleaner pack. Not only does it take care of the hair, it also sucks up tons of the ultra-fine powdery dander & dust that settles down deep into and even underneath the carpeting. Works great on upholstery too!

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Dixie BP- 2003-2012

Share your love- with a- BlackPearl dog!
Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 8:24pm PST 
Hi! wave I'm Dixie BlackPearl. The Chicago Crew of Angels were almost all Golden Retrievers, so the Mom was used to picking up enough fur to make a Pomeranian! Then the Crew went on to the Bridge, and the Mom thought she'd take a break from long-haired dogs so she adopted me--a Flat-Coated Retriever!!!! Same amount of fur, just a different color! big laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh
The Mom can't wait to purchase her first Dyson. Now the decision--Regular or Ball?

Girls squeak!!!!
Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 9:46pm PST 
Hi I'm Jake and as you can tell I am a huge furball! Collies don't shed constantly but when we shed you know it! My mom and dad bought a Dyson Animal Ball and they love it! My little brother (Westie) likes to chase it and bark at it, me, I'm just mellow and move to another room. It doesn't bother me much at all.

Ch- Briarbrooks- Alleluia- (Joy)

Life is sooo fun
Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 10:28pm PST 
Woof allsnoopy No Dyson yet, but am considering it. Have numerous other types & none really get all the fur up, especially in the vehicyle. Heard some great things about Dyson from a few others, but as I research EVERYTHING before buying, I got this e-mail invitation & thought I'd check this group out. Thanx all for your input

Kissyface- ATTACK!
Barked: Sat Nov 14, '09 11:18am PST 
I just purchased the handheld. That deal is too much. We already have the standup animal, but this will be great for the stairs and closets and feeling like an awesome powerful purple robot! big laugh

Let's cuddle and- take naps!
Barked: Sat Nov 14, '09 11:53am PST 
I'm Buddy, a most likely permanent cat that started out as a foster cat. My mom and dad run a rescue and right now the house has a total of 4 adults, 2 dogs and 6 cats! There's a lot of hair everywhere. Mom bought a refurbished Dyson animal a few years ago and loves it- well, loved it. Mom's friend borrowed it and shortly thereafter had a panluek outbreak at her house, so Mom can't take it back for a year until the virus completely dies, as she specializes in socializing feral kittens.

Maybe if I stop getting sick (I'm an old man who was relinquished to the rescue because my mean old mommy didn't want to take me to the vet when I was sick so I almost died a few times before the vets figured out a good medication schedule), Mom will have enough money to buy herself a new one before the end of the year!

Mas Piggy Luv
Barked: Sun Nov 15, '09 3:44pm PST 
Hi everyone.Our humans are owned by us 3 Newfies, Gunther , Gerik and Gigi,Our hairy Pyr brother and sister Greta Rose and Gandolph are big hair balls, not us newfies of course. Mom owns 3 WOOF, cant imagine why. We love to chase the vaccum and sometimes it looks like there another newf or Pyr in the canister. Nice to meet everyone. The 5 G's gangdancing
♥Soph- ie Claire- CGC

I love to be- loved.
Barked: Sun Nov 15, '09 6:50pm PST 
Hi everyonewave. I am a German Shorthaired Pointer and shed those little short hairs everywhere. My brudder, Harley Davidson ( mini schnauzer) doesn't. We had 3 cat brudders who have all gone to the Bridge. Mom has the purple Animal and boy she loves it. The first time she used it, she was horrified at all the hair!big laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh

Rescue cat- manager Power of- the Purr
Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 8:32am PST 
Hi all!!
We are a foster family and have many cats/kittens as well as our resident 5. We all hate the Dyson animal but my person loves it!!

Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 10:00am PST 
Hi everyone, I'm Serafima, but my friends call me Sima (Seema) for short.
Mom has been wanting to get a new vacume since our old one doesn't seem to be doing a good job picking up my and that unsocial furball brother of mine, Felix, who is a cat by the way, hair. A Dyson was a bit out of their price range before now.
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