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Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 2:05pm PST 
yes very frustrating, i will be calling dyson again, thank you! wondering if anyone else had a similar problem?? thanks all!
Nikolai - Dreamboat- #24

Sir Nikolai
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 3:05pm PST 
Rocky Ann, thanks for the Concats! She is proud of her home state, I just wish she would stop threatening to turn me into an Iowa farm boy. I am West Coast cat. I lounge in the sun, I don't get my paws dirty hunting for mice!

Lola, my evil step mom had trouble ordering too. Did you check that you wanted to register with Dyson as you ordered? When my evil step mom did that, the order disappeared. So then she entered the order checking, the "I want to order with no registry" box and it worked fine.

Born to be- pampered
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 6:12pm PST 
Hi all, which hair sucker would be best for me? I also have a brother named Bow, he's really the problem, he's a huge lab and sheds like an old goat!


Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 7:28pm PST 
shock Lola the same thing just happened to me that happened to you and Nikolai but I was on the site. And it was when I was registering like Nikolai said. I'll go back and place an order without registering. And now thinking back, Mommy has had loads of trouble on lately.

Lola let us know if you get to place your order.
Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 7:32pm PST 
Sparky, both hair suckers seems like they'd be really good. I'd compare them on and maybe read Amazon reviews on them to decide which is better for your family's use. If you have a goat in the house laugh out loud you might want the DC28!! Matters how big your rooms are and your house is. If you want something with the ball that makes it easier to push (DC25). So best to read up on both.

Edited by author Mon Nov 23, '09 7:34pm PST

Nikolai - Dreamboat- #24

Sir Nikolai
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 9:50pm PST 
Sparky, if you live near a Best Buy, they have both the DC25 and DC28 on the floor (literally) so you can test it out. My moms even plugged the vacuums in and vacuumed the carpet of Best Buy! The DC28 has slightly more suction power and some new airmuscle technology (not sure what that means). The DC25 is significantly lighter and has the ball which makes it very maneuverable.

Wheres- my- frisbee!!!
Barked: Tue Nov 24, '09 8:47am PST 
Hi my name is Luke I have a fur sister her name is Belle an a kitty sister her name is Tizzy. We are new here. My mom doesn't have a dyson but sure wishes she did. Our house has lots of hair she fills her vac. every week full of hair from us.

If it moves...- I'll chase it :)
Barked: Tue Nov 24, '09 8:56am PST 
Hi all!! If you are having problems oredering the Dyson, i.e. it's not taking your credit card... MAKE SURE THE SHIPPING AND BILLING ADDRESS ARE THE SAME! Even if they are actually different, make sure the billing matches the shipping address. I called both Dyson and my bank and they couldn't figure it out.. so i tried putting in the same billing and shipping address and it worked!

My new Dyson should be coming soon! So Excited!!! big grin

A motto?? What's- the "motto" with- you!?
Barked: Tue Nov 24, '09 12:17pm PST 
Hi all! I am DoJin (pronounced Doh Jin)

Is today agility- day??
Barked: Tue Nov 24, '09 2:45pm PST 
I ordered my Dyson on Sunday and it arrived today!!! cheer That was much faster than I was expecting. We're leaving to go out of town tomorrow so we have to pack before we can test it. Who would've thought that cleaning could be a reward BOL!
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