Cruelty at the hand of humans...

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Barked: Tue Aug 11, '09 5:52pm PST 
If there is any way that you could spare even a couple of dollars to help these pups out. I've been following their story on FB from Tyler, the guy who was instrumental for saving their lives. He visits Smokey, the pup with the chemical burn down his back, on a daily basis...

Please take a minute to look at their sweet faces here:

Today is Thursday August 6th & yesterday the puppies were transported down to San Diego, CA from Bakersfield where they had been pulled from Kern County Animal Shelter/Death Row. They were pulled Friday July 31st. Smokey was vetted with bandage changes and given medications and stabilized in Bakersfield, enough to bring him down to SD. I immediately took him to El Cajon Animal Hospital last night and was completely heart broken when the bandages were removed from this little guy. Although in severe pain from the burns he craves human touch and is so incredibly sweet and has a wonderful tempermant. Not to mention, all the vet techs, vets and office staff have fallen in love with him smile

The estimate for his medical boarding, 24/7 care, daily bandage changes, medications and fluids is $1724.00 and $500 after care. $2224.00 for Smokey.

The 2 mo old boy with his ears home cropped with box cutters or scissors and also dumped right after will also need medical care for antibiotics, ointments and follow up visits to make sure infections are not setting in and will need his shots...The cropping was done recently--about one week ago. Still open sores and swelling..Coccidia

2- 6 week old puppies will need exams, deworming and shots. One puppy ( Tiny--the little runt ) has coccidia and will need vetting , fecal testing and medications.

One 2 mo old pup will need exam, deworming and shots.

If you can help with their medical cost by donating to the fund it would greatly be appreciated. If not please consider cross posting so we can get all of these little ones on their way into healthy, happy & loving homes.

Vet Information for Pledges--Please use the account name below so there is no confusion on which name it should go to.

Animal Medical Center
600 Broadway Ave
El Cajon, CA